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What’s a Happy Pizza?

Happy Pizza

“Happy Pizza” is a Cambodian style pizza with Marijuana added to it. At “Happy Pizza” restaurants menus will offer pizzas with titles such as “Mildly Happy Pizza”, “Extra Happy Pizza”, and “Very Happy Pizza”.

I hope you don’t accidentally and unknowingly order an “Extremely Happy Pizza” while visiting one of the “Happy Pizza” restaurants in Cambodia. Of course, in recent years the Cambodian government has cracked down on authentic Happy Pizzas restaurants and so they may or may not be found when visiting Cambodia. For more technical information check out the story on this link:

On the menu below notice the “and More!” part? That’s where the secret lies.

Happy Pizza Menu

Why do I use the handle “happy pizza”? Well, I think it’s a cool name and most everybody loves pizza!

I also believe the Creator/the Life Force/God/the Great Spirit is a lot more happy, wild,  free, creative, and loving than most religions make it out to be. I’d like to think that having a true dose of the essence and spirit of God is like eating a nice big piece of Happy Pizza (minus any adverse side effects of marijuana)!

So feel free to have a piece of God’s “Happy Pizza” and get high on love, light and the goodness in life. Let the positive take you places you’ve never dreamed of before.

PS: I know my style of writing is not to everyone’s liking (I’m anything but a writer) but hopefully some posts will encourage someone, somewhere in this big World.


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52 Responses to “What’s a Happy Pizza?”

  1. Unknown said

    I like it.

    Much love.
    x x x x x

  2. Naughty Boy said

    Nice, sounds happy 🙂

  3. Sam said

    Lol yeah

  4. MeanMum said

    You guys think taking drugs is a good thing well think again, you might DIE!

    • unhappymum said

      My son has been ill since he had an extremely happy pizza one month ago, it is so upsetting. please be careful folks!

  5. WoOpY said

    get a life woman

  6. Naughty Boy said


  7. Sam said

    it would be cool to have it in Australia :)(y)

  8. Will said

    Coolest pizza i have ever seen !!!!!!!!!

  9. Drugy said

    Extra Happy for me

  10. Nat said


  11. HorsyLover said

    my mummy says this pizza is naughty

  12. Naughty Boy said

    LOL 😉 🙂

  13. Naughty Boy said

    Little children these days i never knew they could use the computer and type messages on blogs!!!! Techno Kid!!! lol 🙂

  14. HorsyLover said

    tankyou i ams pretty smart

  15. MeanMum said

    People with there children

  16. WoOpY said

    Use proper English its their not there !!! omg did you have and education ??

  17. MeanMum said

    well i droped out at year 10 but who cares

  18. WoOpY said

    people need to finishe their education to have a proper jop so they can live life to the fullest

  19. WoOpY said


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  22. ljan said

    Happy pizza is banned. Unless you want to go to a Cambodian jail, it’s not worth it. Pizza Hut is opening soon in Cambodia. Finally a good franchise.

    • Mildly Amused said

      Pizza Hut is a good franchise? You’ve got to be high as hell or mental to think Pizza Hut is good, let alone an acceptable international representation of what pizza from american should be. I don’t care if its New York or Chicago its all better than some pizza developed so your most retarded citizens can easily reproduce for the cheapest overall cost to the franchise. That a factory not a kitchen.

  23. :D said

    Happy pizza sounds cool but it probably tastes
    like hell

  24. Asha said

    WOW! happy pizza hah ..

    taste good .. for real? 😛

  25. elle said

    I was in cambodia last summer and unfortunaltey feeling brave ate a whole extra happy pizza…. badddddd idea. for a whole 2 days i thought i was dead. scary stuff

  26. londongirl said

    horrible, never ever in my live I’ve learned from it, never will take any drugs again, this experienced changed everything, after that i thought i will day, horrortrip next day everything was fine but after that a few days later it comes back and i had panic attacks for one year, and i wish these experience no one!!!

  27. boydiz said

    Last summer my brother-in-law an I were fortunate to experience an extremely happy pizza. The pizza is very good, with or with the happy. We enjoyed extremely happy pizzas during our entire stay. We made frequent stops for pizza everyday. Let just say we were extremely content and very happy during our stay and enjoyed every minute of it. Perhaps some of you didn’t know what you were getting into. For the rest of us. Enjoy the bliss.

  28. Plir said

    Plir loves this

  29. shiva's girl said

    I saw god on new years day. happy pizza all the way my friends!!!

    And it tastes amazing!!

    Go to Cambodia, help the people and get yourself a PIzza!

  30. Hello, just found your blog but I have to admit that it looks sweet. I totally agree with your post. Have a nice day, keep up the great work and I will definitely follow it.

  31. Garth Kaschmitter said

    Hello. I don’t read many blogs, but yours is of thefew I follow.Have a great day!

  32. wusthof knife set said

    Hi, it is great post, and really useful for readers like me who are in require of info about it. Later i’ll often come to read your blog.

  33. Kartenlegen per Email said

    Thanks for the inspiration, your blog looks excellent! I have been having trouble getting motivated working on mine but this definitely pumped me up!

  34. Ili said

    Happy Pizza was awesome but unfortunately after asking for more ‘happy’, I ended up “UNhappy”…

  35. […] chicken feet soup’. Hoping it is going to be ‘happy soup’ in the sense of ‘happy pizza‘ which is popular in Cambodia and other parts of SE Asia. Never knew our HR department had it […]

  36. […] few years, have you heard about the pizzas there? you can order them happy or extra happy lol. What lol __________________ […]

  37. Tony Babet said


  38. Paula said

    My husband is there right now and texted me about them!

  39. Happy said

    Now I want up travel just to try that pizza

  40. […] Ma that there was nothing up there worth seeing. Then we talked about going to Cambodia, eating happy pizza, and exploring the temples of Angkor Wat for their big […]

  41. Savannah said

    I love happy pizzi it is awsome i love it so much i only get the subs because the pizzi has drugs in it they sould go to jail for that wow that dont make sense i just want to blow that happy pizzi up damn

  42. I have been surfing online more than three hours today, yet I never
    found any interesting article like yours. It’s pretty worth enough for me. In my opinion, if all web owners and bloggers made good content as you did, the web will be a lot more useful than ever before.

  43. happypizza said

    Thank you. Glad you like the content.

  44. Cabbanis said

    I’ve been reading a lot about the legality of cannabis ’round the world, and recently I started reading about Cambodia. It seems the situation is really complex, with Wikipedia listing cannabis as “Legal/Essentially legal” ( but many other websites say otherwise, indicating some Cambodian Police will arrest those selling or smoking cannabis, while others will not, etc.

    Can someone clarify the situation a bit? Realistically, is it sensible to travel to Cambodia as a tourist and smoke pot, or order one of these Pizzas? 😛

    • Cabbanis said

      Actually, I confused Bangladesh with Cambodia on that map, silly me!

    • Supervape aka Alexander Jones said

      I went to “happy pizza” in Seam Reap and just ordered a regular pizza and ate the whole thing.. I have never been sicker in my life and the hospital told me they deliberately poisened me not cool, I seriously thought I was going to die no joke, avoid the pizza place with all the pictures of smiling foreigners on the wall seriously

  45. BARBARA said


  46. Miranda said

    Belleville Happy’s pizza location has the worst service ever! All staff including manager’s need drug testing, seriously! Rotten customer service and begging delivery men, ridiculous!

  47. Happy Pizza Cambodia said

    Happy pizza is a traditionnal food from Cambodia like Lokloak, Amok.. etc
    I dont believe, it exist in other country?!
    Welcome in Cambodia

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