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Have You Hit Rock Bottom?

Posted by happypizza on July 26, 2007

The mistake:

There was a beautiful phrase running through my head yesterday, amidst the blackened spot of some major failure on my part at work.

To backtrack, I did something that was a seemingly harmless risk, that ended up being, well…..really stupid and having a terrible outcome and resulting consequences. Now I have to face the music and accept responsibility for my mistake.

I won’t get into details, but at the time of the mistake, I just couldn’t believe what I’d done and just so wish I could go back in time and do it all over again, do the right thing. It also seemed to have happened at just the wrong time in my life (as I was also already facing some very intense personal difficulty) and I didn’t feel any good reason for this situation and everything else I was facing to happen all at once, it felt like an emotional “perfect storm”. Even though it was something I did, it just felt it all was so unfair that things had to turn out the way they did since a lot of it was beyond my control–I honestly felt like I completely hit rock bottom.

After this experience I came to the realization that:

I have a hard time making mistakes and coping with the aftermath–I try so hard to avoid them because I hate the repercussions that usually come with failure and it usually seems so negative. I know it’s not the recipe to be a “winner”. From what I’ve read we’re supposed to treat success and failure in the same, with the same openness to learn and grow from both. In reality, that is easier said than done, and for most of my life I’ve struggle with the “failure part” and learning how to handle failing.

I think for me personally one of the hardest things to deal with, is self failure. Especially when it’s almost completely my fault and the situation could have been avoided (though these things are easier to see in hindsight). I have such a hard time forgiving myself when I do something wrong and especially so, when it causes pain or hurt or difficulty to someone else–as mistakes so often do.


So back to my story, after making a really stupid mistake that I know I’ll have hell to pay for over the next while. I was driving back home, feeling so low and so useless. I was berating myself for my total stupidity, and not having an ounce of mental or emotional strength left in me. I kept thinking and hoping that I’d wake up from it all and it would be different and the troubles would be gone, that it was just a dream but then that made me feel even more miserable when I realized that would not happen. I felt so bad. that when I arrive back to my house, I just sat in my car for about 20 minutes, outside the gate not wanting to do anything, see anybody or talk to anyone, just sitting there blank and discouraged.

Second wind:

All of a sudden at the moment when I had pretty much reached the depths of my despair and discouragement this quote pops into my head that just gives me this incredible boost. It was something that gave me the faith and courage to keep on going in spite of everything I was facing. I’m going to write it below real big and hope you’ll remember it in case you reach a stage in your life where you feel you’ve reached your rock bottom. I hope it will be an encouragement to you as it was for me. The quote was:

You’re never so near the top, as when you’ve hit rock bottom!

Don’t exactly know where it’s from or if I read somewhere, if it was a mixture of different sayings, or if I just made it up myself but that thought gave me an instantaneous surge of encouragement when I needed it most. Really, I couldn’t have gone any lower at the time and thinking back at that point there was only one way to go and that was back up. The thought that this personal situation might end up propelling my spirit instantly to the top, or at least headed back up– gave me hope I so desperately needed. It kinda reminded me of another quote that I heard with a similar meaning which said something to the affect of “God’s way up, is down!”.

If you look throughout history you will find so many examples of people who had terrible things done to them or made terrible mistakes and after hitting rock bottom in their lives, they didn’t give up, they just took the situation from where they were, rose above it, kept fighting and often went on to do bigger, better and greater things. Their low point was almost a necessary stage for better things, or like a catalyst that started something better in the long run, brought them closer to God, taught them important lessons and usually ended up spring boarding them back to heights higher than they had ever gone before.

So to any out there, who might be feeling overwhelmed and like you’ve hit one of your own “rock bottom” times or epic failure moments in your life: Read the quote, repeat it too yourself and keep on believing that either the situation will eventually resolve itself out and that God will help you turn that trouble in your life into something good one day. Turn it into a victory out of seeming defeat. This momentary low or bottoming out can (if you keep believing) enable you to go on to bigger, better and greater things. God loves you and is always there with you!

Hope that helps someone. –Keep on believing!

“Rock Bottom Quotes”

“God’s Promises of Comfort and Deliverance”

25/05/2008 PS: It was interesting for me to reread this post and then think about where I’ve been and what I’ve learned since then. I’d want state for the record that the situation did pass over. It didn’t come to stay–“it came to pass” and I was able to learn many important life lessons through it and I did go on to better things…in hindsight I can look back and thank God that he didn’t allow me to stay there stuck in “rock bottom” but made a way out. 🙂 God bless!

29 Responses to “Have You Hit Rock Bottom?”

  1. Jennifer said


  2. remarkable said



  3. George's Thoughts said


    For the most part I agree with you and enjoy reading your posts.

  4. HIttingRockBottom said

    Hi – I’m there right now. I don’t know what to do or where to turn. On the surface I have the perfect life but inside I’m crumbling. I just don’t know what to do or where to start to save myself without hurting everyone i love. I want to leave, to walk away, to get out of this rut that I’m in…

  5. happypizza said

    Don’t give up! Always remember where there is life there is hope. I sent you an email but I want to tell you that a story did come to mind that I’m trying to find for you and hopefully one of these days I’ll post it. You are in my prayers!!!

  6. anonymous said

    Almost nothing hurts me more than hurting my friends or someone I love, even just making then feel awkward. Of course I never intended to but I do by mistake and I find out afterwards. My friends have always forgiven me but it takes me a long time to get over it and forgive myself for hurting them. Everytime I do that to them I hurt myself. I guess it’s because when I commit to be friends with someone they become part of me and I hurt along with them. I’m grateful for their friendships and their forgiveness- my world and life wouldn’t be the same without them.

  7. haegilcho said

    That’s great guote. I need it.

  8. ananymous said

    thank you so much, a good read, very much needed

  9. Lost said

    Does anyone have anything hopeful to tell someone who not only made the worst mistake of her life….but now has to possibly wait a year for the outcome. I have spent a lifetime of doing the right thing and making a differenc for people and finally a career that I love. Only to ruin it all in 10 min. of stupidity. Am very lost.

  10. happypizza said

    To “Lost”…..I don’t think I could possibly fully and completely understand what you are going through….but it does sound like it is an extremely difficult and trying situation for you.

    I can only tell you from my experience what helped me when I went through something that was similar to what you’ve described in your comment above, and that was:

    1. Knowing that God still loves you–no matter what has happened or how screwed up your life may be. Believe that God is going to come through for you somehow. (This has happened to me!)
    2. It’s very helpful to have others pray for you. Possibly a close friend or confident who knows about or somewhat about what you are going through. Not only does prayer work miracles…it is also comforting and assuring to know that others are supporting you during dark and difficult times. (I’ll also be praying for you as well)
    3. Lastly I find it very encouraging to hold on to God’s promise that “all things work together for good”.

    Here is a story that has encouraged me:

    Dr. Handley Moule, Bishop of Durham, visited West Stanley immediately after a terrible colliery explosion. He addressed the crowd at the pit’s mouth, among whom were relatives of the entombed miners. “It is very difficult,” he said, “for us to understand why God should let such an awful disaster happen, but we know Him and trust Him, and all will be right. I have at home an old book marker given me by my mother. It is worked in silk, and when I examine the wrong side of it, I see nothing but a tangle of threads. It looks like a big mistake. One would think that someone had done it who did not know what she was doing. But when I turn it over and look at the right side, I see there, beautifully embroidered, the letters, ‘God is love!’ We are looking at all this today,” he continued “from the wrong side. Some day we shall see it from another standpoint and we shall understand.”

  11. Thank you for posting that, I don’t really want to refer to it as a story as I always think of stories as fictitious; but lets call it a story for lack of a better word (-:

    What you described above outlined my life over the past 10 years, I am a strong believer in God, and the love he enlightenes peoples lives with. Every area of my life over the past 10 years has been dragged through hell, but I tried my best not to complain because I felt I didn’t have a right to complain, when there are children suffering in the world through starvation and pain of one form or another, and people being killed in wars in front of their families, I felt what right do I have to complain, my suffering doesn’t even measure up. But then I spoke to and had a lengthy talk with a close friend, who reassured me that peoples’ troubles are relative, and he went into some detail. I am an educated man so I knew what he was talking about.

    Anyway long story short…..I started to concentrate on MY problems and thought if I sort myself out, and become wealthy I can do Gods work with that wealth, for those people of the world who I am concerned for, I can help to provide shelter for the homeless, feed the hungry, and help people in any way I can. Since I have changed the way I am living, the past 10 years have just disappeared, and it is as though my life has picked up in 2008 where it left of in 1998, but this time with a purpose. Like the egg timer effect all of a sudden my life has come together in such a short time and has become so rewarding.

    Anyway, Hope I didn’t bore you too much with that little ‘Story’



  12. happypizza said

    Thanks Conrad….appreciate your comment.

  13. diggy said

    Life has ups and downs, sometimes it beats you down, sometimes for a long time. Sometimes it makes you think of easier ways, forgetting about everything, and retreating to some isolated area. Other times it makes me wonder about death…if there is a life after death, and how it would take away all my troubles but also my joys.

    Then I dream about being immortal or someone like Hancock..haha, if only:)

    I know other people go through the same, and some of those people like you say propell themselves to the top, and achieve things ever so great. Sometimes I doubt if I have that potential.

    Life is funny, full of suprises, good and bad and you never know whats coming. I like to believe we all have some sort of greater purpose in our lives and like to believe mine is yet to come.

    Interesting that I find a post you wrote over a year ago:)

  14. Michael said

    You never know what to expect in life. My “rock-bottom” came during a day that has the possibility of being one of the most beautiful points in my life. I’m currently in this rock-bottomness and this quote is sure to lift me…thank you

  15. brian said

    It is eerie how much this story echoes a personal sutuation I am experiencing. Knowing that a fellow Christian is going through a similar trial, though unfortunate for that individual, does provide some comfort. That’s how God works through us.

  16. Cody said

    But what if during my rock bottom i have lost my faith as well?? I still believe in God, but my faith is no where near what it was.. I pray still so I do have some faith. The thing is, is that i just feel like I’m traveling this world alone.

  17. happypizza said

    Hi Cody, even if you lose your faith, God hasn’t lost his faith (and love) in you. Also, it might be helpful to know–you are not alone, in feeling like you are traveling this world alone. Keep hope alive!

  18. Aly said

    It doesn’t work though because you always need money to make things happen.

    Maybe it is nice to be told that you can do it but it just makes it so much harder when you realise that enthusiasm alone will get you nowhere

  19. Elizabeth said

    that was truly amazing. you captured it all in so little space. and every word being the truth. thank you.

  20. Toni said

    Thanks. That is very incoraging, I am rock bottom, don’t know where to turn. sometimes I feel like giving up and just forgetting about all the problems. I have never been so bad in my entire life, this is by far the worst I have been in my life. The only other time that I can remember is when my kids were taken from me during my divorce, yes, it was a like someone had it in for me. I prayed and I prayed but I can’t seem to find the answer or the help that I need.

    If I don’t get some help soon I think I am going to loose it.

  21. Julia said

    I’m in the same state that you described in your post. Today was my melt-down day. I decided to search the internet for some encouragement, using the words rock bottom, and your post is the first link I clicked on. Thank you for writing it, you’ve helped me feel hopeful.

  22. Ollie said

    Thank you for posting and sharing this with everyone. I too had turned my back on God, and currently face very serious repercussions because of my own unthinking stupidity. My initial reaction was very similar to yours (feeling worthless, stupid, and very very low). Through deep and earnest prayer I now find myself travelling a similar path to spiritual and moral redemption. It has also been revealed to me that for a new me to be reborn, I had to let the dark troubled side of me die through this experience. For anyone out there facing similar trials, remember to PRAY PRAY PRAY every chance you get with an open heart and confess all to the Almighty (He knows what is in your heart before you even say them). We all falter and make mistakes, but it is what we do with our lives in the aftermath that decides whether we have learned from them or if we will continue to let the Enemy use us as his pawns. Ask God for forgiveness, guidance, strength, and a stronger faith. If you sincerely ask for these things you won’t have to walk the difficult path that you face alone. He will always be with you, and remember that only He has the power to redeem your soul, break the chains, and set your spirit free! Peace, and God Bless to all.

  23. Rebecca said

    Thankyou! I’m going through some difficult times and hitting rock bottom a lot lately and it was nice to hear your words of encouragement : )

  24. Thanks for this sharing! I am at the point where I wish everything just was nightmare–waking up with scare but then you realized it was just nightmare, everything in your real life was still normal, no pain, no hurt, no mistakes….but… Troubles are great chances from God to bring me closer to Him…….

  25. andrew Kanyemba said

    Ive hit rock bottom

    At 21, after battling- or rather -after countless batterings from this deep set depression and severly socially anxious disposition, i can safely and honestly say that i’ve reached my rock bottom

    To say i don’t have friends would be a lie, there are people who say ‘hi’ to me, and others who are keen to see my face from time to time, but i don’t have friends in the run-of-the-mill sense of the word. I have found myself progressively loosing the capacity to conversate with people. at first it was an inability to find something to say, then my inability started sprouting symptoms. I would begin to sweat, my heart would begin to beat, my brain would turn into a vapid mass of nothingness and all my blubbering blustering mouth could muster would be a few pointless, meaningless and powerless words or phrases at appropriate (and sometimes inappropriate) interjections during conversations with others. This awful state of affairs progressed even still, to the point where anxiety became my normal setting; where fear and cognitive vacuousness actually encapsulated who and what it is i actually was as a human being. in every one of my actions and movements, in every sound, word or situation i uttered or found my self in, i would always be shadowed by this forbearing, noxious needless fear and anxiousness; shrouded in endless and meaningless moments which were nearly always characterised by unrelenting fear, unceasing urges to either fight or flight, dictated to like a puppet on a tring by this loud and inner mechanism which always seemed stuck on the perceived danger button.

    This is my rock bottom, this is the worst it can get. My Family don’t know me, my “friends” think that all i am is a loser, i have no girlfriend, i have no real life so to speak, i am to the outside world, an empty shell, a meaningless creature. This is my rock bottom, but what really fucks me off is this silly hillbilly notion that once you reach rock bottom then “be happy coz the only way now is up!”

    the only way isn’t up for me. This is my plateau, my fucked up mind has reached its saturation point and now my anxiety and depression is evening itself out and permeating my whole entire life. My University experience, my future prospects, my friends, my family, my goals and my dreams. Its even affecting my mood, my appetite, sleep and my health. Rock Bottom is not an opportunity, its effectively a massive rock, wheighing me down at the bottom of some harsh and loveless cavern, i cant budge rock bottom, i have nowhere to go but rock bottom, i am rock bottom.

    • LindaLuLu said

      Andrew, it sounds like your anxiety stemmed from having to “talk” to people in order to make friends or maybe to keep them? Maybe you don’t “need” those friends anymore and what you do need is to just discover who you are within your parameters and not what is dictated by society, our family, our friends, ect… maybe I’m off. But being rock bottom isn’t the end of the world unless you want it to be; but if you want to live and get outta that place, then yeah, everyone is right, the only way is up.

      Happiness is an extension of ourselves that takes work…,much like anything else we do in life. We aren’t hardwired to just “be happy”. That I have discovered. We have choices, and we are lucky to have them. We either die and we die alone, if we choose, or we choose to live and live like we want.

      Like you, I am also rock bottom from decisions I’ve made, and now it might take a toll on my entire family. That kills me and for those reasons, I cannot muster the strength to do anything. i just realized today that I really don’t have very many friends. The people I chose to surround myself really aren’t my “friends”. They are people I chatter with when I’m bored…about nothing. They really don’t want to hear the truth and that’s ok.

      My in-law family are the same; so I decided to write them all off and I’m ok with that. I find that I have my own will to survive and have to rely on anyone. But there’s that word “survive.” Do I want to? Now that is rock bottom for me. To contemplate whether or not I want to survive at all because of the mistakes I’ve made.

      I’m rambling now – but Andrew I want you to know that each of us are special in ways we cannot see right now, but try to live every day, through the storm of tears and confusion. Take the time and just feel it. Maybe if it feels bad enough you might want to do something else/ Like me. It sucks and I hate it everyday, but I also feel that I have strength beginning to sprout, a little, not much, but that’s ok.

      I am choosing for now, to live each day as it comes.

      Good Luck Andrew!

  26. Arathi said

    Awesome dear 🙂 🙂

  27. Anne-charlotte…

    […]Have You Hit Rock Bottom? « Be Happy!…Be Encouraged![…]…

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