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Thank God for my big nose.

Posted by happypizza on June 1, 2007

Okay, here is some “positive thinking therapy!” I have a big nose….hahahahaha….. Yeah seriously, and when I was younger it really bothered me. I know it sounds stupid but it was a big deal. I mean most things about my physical appearance bothered me and I’d always get on a big bummer when I’d think about it but I won’t get into that right now…heh heh! Lets just focus on one aspect….my big nose. Now for those of you who have an even bigger nose, you might be wondering….”Hey, what the @$#% is his problem?”, “That ain’t a big nose!” If so the answer is: yes and no—depends on who you comparing it with.

For a Caucasian male it’s not that big, maybe slightly bigger than average, but I have a smaller head and narrow face so it ends being a rather prominent feature on my face.

I grew up in Asia–my parents were posted overseas a good majority of my life, and we lived mostly in South East Asia where pretty much everybody has a small or flat nose. My big nose coupled with my blondish hair and white skin was a rare and curious spectacle.

It often happened when I would meet someone for the first time (in S.E.A.) that I would invariably get questions and fascinated inquiries about the size, length and what-have-you about my nose. So I kind of grew too loath my big nose and all the unwanted attention it brought.

Thankfully though I got to the point where I stopped thinking about it and I’ve kinda learned to accept my nose the way God gave it to me. Since I’ve gotten over that hurdle I’ll go a step further and honestly say “Thank God for my big nose”. Phew, what a milestone in my life….heheheh…now let’s get down to the reasons to be thankful for a big nose. Impossible, you might think, but I’m sure I can come up with something.

Here are a few cool things about my large proboscis.


I’m thankful for my big nose because……

  • It makes everyone with a small or flat nose envious…hahahaha–cool huh?
  • Due to its size it makes for a good stroking location when I’m nervous or in an awkward situation
  • It can make one helluva blow, when snorting out impurities, and that always feels good, rather manly I would say
  • I can breathe , inhale, and snort in copious amounts of air and that always feels nice…can’t imagine what it would be like to have pinhole nostrils
  • Sneezing is awesome with a big nose, when it “blows–it really blows!”
  • I know there is no scientific proof but I’m sure a big nose helps me have a better sense of smell, I mean I can sample a lot more air in one go than someone with a small snout
  • It’s a great identifier, ie: I’m the tall guy with a big nose, can’t miss me
  • My nose can be an instrument of pleasure 😛
  • Even though it’s big, thank God it doesn’t block my eyesight
  • I can use it for eye exercise, esp. for focusing on near objects
  • It’s the first part of me to enter a room
  • Shades and glasses sit well on it with no danger of falling off or sliding down
  • I think it has real “character”….even though that’s hard to explain–“how?”
  • And it’s not as big as some others I’ve seen
  • It serves as a warning sensor when my face is getting to close to something
  • It has helped me perfect the sidewards French kiss
  • It draws static attention to me, which–if handle correctly–can be positive attention
  • As long I’m comfortable with it, as I found in S.E.A., it’s a great conversation topic or even a way to break the ice… “Hahaha, how cute, you think I’m a sacred white elephant”….etc

So all that to say, “Thank God for my big nose!” I’d like to add that having a big nose is not always a bad thing for you ladies. There are many ladies I know with big noses that are really hot and those with noses that are slightly more hooked can be pretty hot too! Anyhow that’s just my personal opinion. 😛 Lastly, to all those with big noses, both guys and girls I salute you: Hold up that big nose proudly and show the world what you’ve got.

If you have a big nose or you can think of anything else to be thankful for or helpful info in regards to a big nose–feel free to comment! Show the world that you can still have it “big and beautiful”.

And if you have a flat nose–I pity you……hahahahaha 😉

One giant nose--Mr Mehmet Ozyurek

One giant nose--Mr Mehmet Ozyurek

PS: Here is a tip for those awkward times when a kid blurts out and draws attention to something that is different about your body or face. As adults we also notice but usually keep our mouths shut–not wanting to be impolite. Kids generally don’t have that type of social awareness and will, as some have commented below, publicly blurt things out that look funny, strange or different.

A little prepared comeback often works both for the kid and those around who might feel awkward for you. You can say something stupid like, “yeah, I got a big nose because once a monkey gave me a magical banana that would make me taller(smarter), but I got greedy, ate two bananas and it made my nose bigger”. If it’s quick enough, the kid will laugh and/or get confused and the older people will generally continue on, forgetting the awkward situation. You will also be rewarded by getting the focus off your nose or whatever the initial comment was about and on to something else.

260 Responses to “Thank God for my big nose.”

  1. Mr Nosey said

    Yes heerz one for a short man with a big nose:
    If it’s nose to nose than his toes are in it,
    If it’s toes to toes than his nose is in it

  2. Thank God for my big nose

    “Thank God for my big nose”: Unusual style of gratitude. A way of looking at things in the opposite.

  3. The Nose said

    Noses are fun to kiss and suck!

  4. Shnoz said

    Well I’m not quite as thankful yet for my big nose, but your list made me laugh and I needed that. I’m a girl with a pretty large nose, one of the wonderful parts of being Jewish, and I hate it…but I want to STOP hating it because theres nothing I can do about it…and it gets tiring hating something you can’t change! I hope when you look at me you see the whole package and not my shnoz, but it’s the chance I have to take.

    • Alia said

      I am exactly like you, technically im not really jewish because you are suppose to only get it from your mothers side even if your dad has got it in him, well my father was full blooded russian jew and he gave me everything i hate, i look almost exactly like him, huge nose, wavy ish curly and a little frizzy hair, dark brown almost black eye’s, and olive skin… which makes a tan fade really qyuickly so i am left transparent. anyway i have somehow started to love my nose, because my father dided when i was young,7-8 years old, and my nose is the biggest piece ive got left of him, the thing is now that i have thought of it positively, it seems to bestraightening out! ahhhh, so yeh the world just wants my life to suck. peace.

      • Saad said

        Be thankful & grateful.. have you ever seen a person without a nose?? Maybe than you’ll realize your nose is still better than thousands.. atleast u have one..:P
        no matter how large it is.. its still a blessing =)

        Blv it or not.. big nose guys & gals both hv a bright future;

        gals dont hv to worry bout men.. ure lucky if u hv a big nose coz most of the “HOT” thin/small nose men are usually dumb & find big nose gals more attractive..

        As fr big nosed men.. big nose means smart/big brains! & more sexually strong/dominent.. lucky them coz hot thin nosed gals prefer talented/smart ppl irrespective of their outter appearance. (e.g. seal & heidi klum)

        not everyone gets everthing.. if this wudnt hv been the case all the big nose gals wud hv remained single n unmarried on this planet.. but thats how it works..

        forget people.. like nickster said.. its really the inner person in you that matters.


    • Brianna said

      Same here but im not hispanic and only me and my mom haev big noses:( i feel left out beacuse the rest of mu family has a small nose…I want to get a nsoe job but my mom would never agree with me im only 14 and cant wait to be 18 to get one…but for now i have to acept what i got, and its is hard not being able to change what you dont like about yourself..
      But the list sure gave me a great laugh =)

      • Diana said

        I have the same problem as well .Again im not Jewish but Im Armenian, and theworst part is that its runs in the genes of being Armenian and some how my mom has probobly the cutest and perfectest nose ever, and I’m soo jealous! I got my nose from my dad, lucky me. but anyways I have to say i really liked ur list , but right now i’m just not feeling it to love this stupid ugly thing on my face. grr…hopefully i will.<3

    • Brooke said

      yeah same here. i am a jewish girl and i have a pretty big nose. my family and friends dont think its that big..but i dont know if they are telling the truth or not. ive seen people with bigger ones, but still. i am very insecure and have a low self confidence. i wear glasses, and have contacts. i dont like wearing my contacts because i fear that for some reason it brings attention to my nose:( i cant really help not liking it..but i wish there was a way to stop being so unhappy about it.

      • Alex said

        I don’t know why you would feel like that. I am a guy, and I find the sexiest female noses to be big, long and pointy. They make me feel all warm inside, and I just wana kiss them. God bless them noses.

  5. BigNoseEmma :) said

    Hey..Your Thing Helped Me Alot ..:) Thank You x

  6. happypizza said

    So glad you found some comedy in the post. I understand your feelings about hating something you can’t easily change. And yes, due to my own imperfect physical appearance, I’ve learned to look beyond the “shnoz” and more at the whole package. Like I said in the post, I’ve also met many girls who I thought were quite hot but had a rather big nose. So it doesn’t always mean the all in all or the end all. My humble advice, just accentuate your other good points or qualities, and humorously dismiss the flaws. 😉

    You’re welcome! 🙂

  7. Nickster said

    Im a tall Italian guy with a big nose, well not that big but def. not small, its in proportion to my face im often told…and although im not in the least bit ashamed of, it does help me weed out the shallow girls that cant look past it. Besides, inner beauty can put women far past a 10 on a 10 scale (that sounds lame, whatever), because its character that truly sets us apart…”hotter” women rely more on looks and even stupidity for attention..i can honestly say Paris Hilton or Flimsy Lohan are COMPLETELY UNATTRACTIVE simply because they have every advantage and ability to make difference in life and they not only throw it away, they corrupt youthful, innocent, and often beautiful girls with their undeserved fame and power. F* that!
    The wise will always rule the wicked…stand up and show your worth!

  8. happypizza said

    Interesting points you brought up Nickster. I agree that inner beauty can really be attractive and set people apart from those who are physically attractive yet shallow, self absorbed or egotistical. In the long run true love and outgoing concern for others is the more important and attractive quality one can possess.

    It’s funny, I was just discussing with a friend the other day about how so few good looking or beautiful people (whether men or women) possess real inner beauty or use their beauty to enhance others lives in some way. Audrey Hepburn was a good example of someone who was beautiful but seem to also have a lot of inner beauty. Sometimes I wonder why that combination seems so rare.

  9. PinkyBow said

    Oh, glad to hear someone appreciates the nose he’s been given.

    By the way, rhinoplasty’s one of the most popular procedures!
    Poor silly people who do not like themselves and their noses! Do they really think they change for better after-op?

    I’ve something to show for people who don’t like their noses
    noses before and after plastic surgery

    • Aimee said

      hows that supposed to make me feel better its made me feel wprse bout my nose ooooh look how it changed it i want one liek that now ooh im considering surgery on my huge nose now 😦 i get tld not to turn round to quik by ppl so i dnt knock them out with my nosei dnt like ppl lookin at me from the side now coz its that humungous ! 😦

      • Laelaunna said

        Yeah wuz up?
        Im a girl to and I also think I have a big nose, Im starting a small career in modeling and I think that If I grow more, my nose might destroy my entire career. I really dont want that to happen. Well I still find a lot of happy things, to make me forget……like the beach. I love the ocean, and anything thats aqua blue. Im a quarter pillippino and I have other mixes of vietnamese chinese asian etc etc. My moms side is like german irish engkish indian etc etc. I mostly get my nose from my dad, thats what most of my family thinks. But Im not done growing yet so how do I know? my dad is a guy, who is half pillippino, and half american, he has an american nose that also looks pillippino. My nose is kinda like his, except its more rigid and it has that big bump right at the top down. I guess everybody has a bump, my dad doesn’t really have a bump, only a little. But his nose looks good on him, but me…..Im not so sure, because Im a girl with a small skinny kinda narrow face and I dont know what Ill look like when I grow up, but Im still happy, Ive thought about surgery to, when I see the results when Im done growing. But I still love myself, because no matter what, “we are beautiful no matter what they say, words can bring down, ohhh dont let em bring u down today” or how bout ever? If your not done growing, u should wait till your older to have surgery, you never know, you might grow out of it. And did you know that people with naturally big noses are beautiful? Look at Julia Roberts? I hate it when people look at me from the side to, but sometimes I cant help smiling 🙂 did you know that your nose is also a sign of your culture? whether you ritalian jewish asian etc etc, ix pretty cool. Also u can go on google and type in big noses, click on a white girl with a big nose, or if u see a website link to big noses, go to it, people are beautiful when they have big noses. Its bold and gets attention, even if its in a bad way, people just arent used to it yet, because its new. I guess were mutants 🙂 but thats pretty fun right? Well see u all, good luck with your lives, and think fun positive thoughts 🙂

  10. Jenn said

    Cute post…Big noses are sexy. I have one and I love not looking like every “regular” woman walking around with a perfect little sniffer. I would never get rhinoplasty because I have my father’s nose and he has his father’s nose. If I am lucky I will have little big nose babies.

    • Laelaunna said

      U have a good attitude, I also have my dads nose. I love it to, even though he teases and says that I look like a witch. A witch would be pretty cool actually, Im a quearter pillipino and I like Pillippino mythology. I know right? big noses are fun. I dnt know why some people would make a big deal when they have small noses, they think their better than every body. Well Look Out, Here Comes The New Beautiful Sexy Style.
      Bye good luck 🙂

    • zeynep said

      you think really differently.i appreciate you.i have a really big nose too,but my friend sayas it suits u.

  11. Catrina said

    Hi everybody. I am 18 and i have an ethnically large nose. High School was the hardest for me. Im tall and coke bottled shaped so i showed my pressumed assets off. And u know my peers hated me for it. They would talk stuff and try to put me down because i was doin my thing without the “total package”. And so i say to u – Be confident and act proud because God gave u what u have. So its up to u if u’ll be brave enough to make the world accept diffence. I did, and all of the haters didnt matter. If my nose was suddenly smaller, my peers would talk stuff about my shoes, or hair, so find confidence in urself 1st. No. 2 – Alot of people think they have to have a PAris hilton frame. She’s gorgeous,but a little more doesnt hurt either. Im just saying if ur nose is a bit pointy or wider- its no big deal. beauty is in all shapes and sizes. not just “petite”

    • ali said

      I know this is old but when you out in public and people go as far as taking a photo can be really devastating but i’ am try in thanks for your confidence!!!!

  12. helas said

    I have a big nose too, and I’ve pretty much hated it most of my life. A few years ago I began to just accept it – it’s not the biggest nose, I’ve seen much bigger, and once I stopped obsessing about it, it seems that women expressed more interest in me…it’s a tough thing – we all want to be the whole package, good looking AND a good and interesting person on the inside, but maybe those of us born with these schnozzes are called to find something more substantial within us to share with the world, if we have the will and the courage. And I agree with some of the other posts – there are some very hot women out there with bigger than “normal” noses, so maybe there are some women out there who appreciate a big nose on a guy! As I get older (I’m 38 now), I realize that it’s either rhinoplasty or total acceptance. Would a smaller nose make me happier? Would it improve my chances of finding the perfect(for me) woman? I don’t know, but since I can’t afford the surgery, I have no choice but to “be myself”, big nose and all. And that seems like a worthwhile challenge.

  13. christa said

    so I have to say that you have made me feel a whole lot better about MY big nose…lol. see I used to get made fun of it really bad in middle school, I’ve always been insecure about my nose. And lately I’ve been really trying to accept my nose. But after reading what you wrote made realize how it’s not as a big of a deal that I make it out to be. so I wanna say thank you! you made me laugh, which was great!

  14. JustBeHappy said

    Okaii Well i May Only be 13 But My ‘Nose’ is Really Getting me Down..=[ .

    it Makes Me really self contious And i Kno This Sounds stupid But i Cant Walk On My Own And See People Without Thinkin (Oh They’re gonna Look At My Nose)
    is it Vanity?
    Will i Pass This Phase And is it going To Afeect My Future?

    Can You Please Help Me Out?

    • Laurynn said

      I completely agree with you. I am 16, in high school where of course all the drama and judgmental stages star kicking in where people now start getting serious on wither you are in the “hot” status or the “nerd” status. I had the potential to be very attractive but instead I got my dads huge nose. I have a very petite body frame and therefore a petite facial structure which yes, my nose destroys the proportions of my face. Onto of that I have very thin hair which does not help. Whenever guys are talking to me I get extremely self-conscious so therefore I am always holding something in front of my nose. When I laugh I have developed a habit to cover my nose with my hand. I have a feeling it’s going to take me a VERY long time to get over this…

  15. happypizza said

    Hey “JustBeHappy”,
    I’m sorry to hear about the discouragement you face over your nose. I know from my own experience as a young teen how difficult it is to struggle with extreme self-consciousness over physical appearance or something about you that seems ugly or unattractive.

    I can assure you that even if people might look at your nose when they first see you it’s definitely not the only thing they notice, look at or focus on. What I’ve learned is that some people (myself included) will magnify their unsightly aspects far more than everyone else them does. So if that’s the case, as hard as it might sound, don’t think about it.

    Forget about your nose, forget about yourself and think of others and those around. Once you get past the initial comments or what-have you about your nose, just imagined they stopped looking at your nose and are now looking at you as person to see what you have to offer them and the world.

    Yes, it’s definitely a phase, which will pass. As you get older most people, in general, will focus less on your looks and more on you as a person and what you have going for you. Work on becoming a friendly and interesting person with a lot of different things that you’re successful at/in. Invest more in your skills, talents, hobbies, friends and family.

    You can do also do your best to be as attractive as you can physically–well groomed, well dressed, well mannered etc…and after that don’t worry about the stuff you can’t change. Hope that helps. Cheers,

  16. ibo said

    amazing post. As someone with a big nose, and a perfectionist (lol) i try hard to perfect my attitude towards it and to myself in order to acheive a state of perfect self acceptance.
    only concern is the 3rd post made here. Does that dickhead mean when he says “a way of looking at things in the opposite” suggest that big noses are bad??

  17. sauceysoup said

    i think this is so cute. it made me feel better about myself. i have an indian big nose buh no way on hell do i let it get to me. actually my nose isnt that large just bigger than normal and even besides that im very pretty, in fact i gt compliments on how pretty i am all the time, to say in the least conceited way. so trust me, having something abnormal doesnt make you ugly, make actresses, and models have quirks bout them…and they are famous for them.. i appreciate my beauty so should you [:

  18. iak said

    i have a big nose…want to get surgery

  19. iak said

    i HAVE A big ugly nose.i would rather have anything but this huge beak in the middle of my face…i wil prolly never get married or anything because of my ugliness..i hate myself for it because for some reason i feel like its my fault i was born this way…=[ -[
    its gotten to the point that i M SEVERLY DEPRESSED1!!!!!! I NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP!!!!!!!!

  20. student said

    I have a huge sub continent Nose,use to be really skinny on top of it,I use to be very Self concious and depressed about it,but I realize I am only focusing on one part of the body which I really have no control over,atleast I can control some aspects of my appearence so I start dressing well , Join Gym, it has really boost my confidence … I also thought about people with far more serious problems issue’s in the world aids/cancer/burns/scars/other disabilities so I always thank God for whatever I have … Plus I never Show People around me that how I really feel about my Nose because majority of people take advantage/exploit your weaknesses, If you are surrounded by any such person just absolutely cut off from that person….I ONLY hangout with with people whoi accept me for who I am……

  21. sz said

    iv got a big nose aswell but there are lots of pretty girls with big noses but i do think most of the time that if they and i had a smaller nose would be so much prettier! iv seriously have and am considering surgery as it just seems like the easy way out. but then i do believe its apart of my identity and they no one would recognise me if it i changed it- which is quite sad. but yeah i am really self conscience about it- i edit all my photos so you cant see my nose- even colouring it in and lightening up the picture- its quite tragic! i know its bad, even though people tell me its not as bad as i think- and i still get alot of male attention- even the guys at school who used to pick on me about it used to ask me out. but still perhaps surgery it is later on…but ironically i am realllly attracted to guys with big noses. haha weird.

  22. Zez said

    HaHa this really made me laugh alot
    only the other day i was gettin drpessed aba me nose as i swear to god its gettin biggger! :O
    its hard having a big nose in high school as u constantly get boys goin ‘ god ya nose is huge’ weird how its boys hu say dat not gurls tho one luvly gurl did say i resembled a ferret 🙂 that was just luvly
    hey its nice to know u fink some gurls wit big noses are stil hot
    wish evryone thought lykd that

  23. thatguy said

    Yeah, i got one too. I thought about surgery too, but f that. I would have to change my life if i did that, because i could never stick around after that. And i still get depressed over it, because i see chicks that i think i can get without the shnooze. But f them too, because do you really want a shallow girlfriend? Some of us arnt dealt the best of cards but we gotta work with what we got. I let my shortcomings motivate me to be a better person in things i can control. Like my financial status, my intelligence, e.t.c. The things you earn thru sacrifice are the things that make you who you are. Yes, it is hard at times, especially when we live in such a artifical society, but hang in there. Just remember that every dog has his day.

  24. Neo said

    I have a big nose too, nothing I can do about it cause after all I’m related to HappyPizza. Big noses rule. (Yes they do, President Bill Clinton had one!)

  25. rosie said

    i am quite a pretty girl with a large long nose. one day in class the teacher drew a picture of a girl on the board with a big nose, one girl said “ha thats you rosie” and most of my class mates started laughing. i was upset and angry about this as the girl who said it isnt really a sight to behold. my big nose has been botherin me for some time. i think most boys(especially the ones i like) will never find me attractive enough for them because of it…but i realised wat can u do!! i have other lovely features that people always compliment such as my really blue eyes…thanks for making me realise that there is more to looks and big noses aren’t that ugly!!

  26. anonymous said

    hahahahaha!;D hahahahaha! Verrrrry funny you posted about your nose! hahahaha! I seen pics of you and you know one of the things I liked the most about your looks–your nose! YES! your nose I nearly had a crush on you. And I remember thinking “Gee it’s too bad I won’t get him, he’s got the perfect nose! I’d love my kids to have a nose like that! Verrry defined!” I thought you looked verrry yummy with it happypizza! 😉

  27. anonymous said

    please don’t sneeze at me!

  28. happypizza said

    Aaaaaaachoo…..(HappyPizza, thunders loudly) 😛

  29. anonymous said

    I was just randomnly making up an address yesterday in order to post and just today I found out it’s someone else’s real address.

  30. alice said

    yeah ive got a big nose. Ive gotten made fun of alot, such as people calling me”toucan”. and it really sucks. they dont do it anymore, but they use to. when i take pictures if my nose doesnt look good in a certain angle, i delete the picture no matter how pretty my friends look! lol. my friends have “perfect” noses. im always really jealous. I think to myself all the time, “i wish i had her nose, why couldnt i be as lucky as her?!” My nose isnt as big as some others that ive seen, but its not the smallest…and its not a size you would want if you were to have a nose job. when i meet people,im just like, “OH God i hope they didnt notice my nose.” when im older, im gunna get a nose job…i wish i had a cute nose…oh well….

  31. Madsar said

    Hi.. thanks for your post! Yeh I’m 20 and although I’d say I’m quite attractive, I inherited my fathers Irish nose.

    I do get really insecure about it but I never let it show! And yes I get terribly jealous of people who have these cute flat noses. If I ever have enough money then I would consider getting surgery but then again, I think I have so much to offer and I never have trouble attacting men because I have a really nice and bubbly personality. I’m not shy speaking to guys or going up to guys and striking up a conversation although yes I do get self conscious that they are looking at my nose. But isn’t that normal? I mean, we always think that people are looking at things we don’t like about ourselves.

    But I have a really nice figure I don’t have to work at, I take care of myself, like buy nice clothes and get my hair done n stuff and so I try and focus on the things that are really nice about me. Ppl can sense when you’re insecure so when that happens I try and act even more confident to show them that I don’t care. I read a magazine once about a girl who got run over by a car and her face took most of the blow. She had to have it reconstructed to the point where she was unrecognisable. Her article changed my life.

    I know oneday I will find a man who loves me for me and see beyond shallow things like my nose. And anybody who makes fun of anyone for something as silly as that, is in my eyes not really worth getting to know.

    • Rizwana said

      I loved when u wrote:

      “I know oneday I will find a man who loves me for me and see beyond shallow things like my nose. And anybody who makes fun of anyone for something as silly as that, is in my eyes not really worth getting to know.”

  32. Aaron said

    wow, i loved your article. You sound a lot like me. I’m tall, blond and have quite the nose. I hated it in highschool, because i was made fun of sometimes, but i realize now, being in university, that people were just immature and that it doesn’t really matter. I’m dating a really cute asian girl right now, and with her small nose, and my big one, we fit together like a puzzle when we kiss. Anyways, a got a lot of laughs out of your list of advantages, and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this article.

  33. Lilli said

    Hi 🙂

    Thank you for your post.

    Until today, I had a consultation booked for tomorrow with a cosmetic surgeon who specialises in Rhinoplasty (nose jobs). I’ve spent the past week going through “before and after” photos, and selecting samples of what I do and don’t want as a result of surgery.

    However, today was a little different. Instead of looking forward to the consultation, I’ve spent the day worrying that I’ll regret the decision after my operation. Finding your post on the internet gave me a laugh, and the thought of spending $200 on a consultation and thousands of dollars on surgery now seems a little superficial.

    I can’t help thinking of that lovely Greek woman in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” who found love, despite the fact that she had a large European nose. Hopefully I’ll find a nice man who can see past my large European nose also, and we’ll live happily ever after 🙂

  34. happypizza said

    Thanks Aaron for the comment!

    Hi Lilli, I liked your comment as well. I wish you all the best with your decision—“to surgery” or not “to surgery”. And I hope you will find a guy who will lovingly love your large lovely European nose. 😛

  35. Laura said

    LOL, thanks for writing this post. I also have a big nose, and this entry made me laugh and cry, literally 🙂

  36. Laura II said

    I’m considering getting a nose job to hide my jewish ethnicity. I feel bias has hurt my career — trying to become a news anchor today is sadly not about how smart your reporting skills, how good your news judgement, how charismatic and well-informed you are. ): Plenty of handsome men (and women) have hit on me or dated me. But still. TV looks = plastic looks. This makes me sad. But then again, I’m tired of fighting when one week off work, and a bunch of money could help me get ahead. Do you think it will help? Am I just sacrificing every last shred of integrity to get a nose job? I mean. I would like it! I think. But…I’m sad intelligence and some attractive qualities aren’t enough to be in the news on-air. Bleh.

  37. Jess said

    Meeh noses. i hate them why can’t we just not have them? mines alright from the front its kinda round but its like a hook from the side ;/ i alway get incredibly jelous of people with tiny noses lol. but yeah anyway is it true that if u make your eyes stand out more it makes your noes look smaller? :S

  38. someone said

    i am 14 years old… i really feel better after reading this.. i have a big nose and im indian, yeah all those islanders at school have flat noses like they have just been hit my hammer in the face.

  39. Jaelle said

    Hi everyone, great reading this 🙂 So recognizable, it really put a smile on my face.
    I’m a 19 year old girl and I’ve felt self conscious about my nose since puberty. Nasty comments from peers (mainly boys again, why is that?) really put me down and made me feel even worse about my nose.
    When I got out of puberty, lots of people -guys too- began to tell me that they think I’m really pretty, and no one ever mentions my nose again, though it’s still as “big” as before and my face didn’t grow all that much. When I ask people if they think it’s big, they say it never even occured to them it was even slightly big, and they tell me I have a nice nose:)
    My point is that, although my nose is objectively seen not small, people never pay attention to it because of my overall appearance 🙂
    It’s such a cliche but so true; if you feel good about yourself, and you’re not a total monster, people will find you attractive!
    I’m even thinking of getting a nostril piercing to emphasize my ‘arty big nose’ look, haha 😀
    xoxo Jaelle from Europe

  40. Rob said

    I’m happy for my nose… I’ve just left high school and want to be a comedian. My unique feature is sure to help hahahaha.

  41. jack said

    I love this article….

  42. Shan said

    LOL I like this article, this made me laugh!. Well I have big nose too, and I’m tired of hating it cuz I can’t really change the fact that I do have big nose, and sad to say it’s the only part of my face that I don’t really like, but thank God that I still have nose though.

  43. Adam said

    I get called “Jew nose” because mine curls off at the bottom, it really bugs me. I’m meeting this girl i really like soon and i’m really conscious about it…

  44. Jack said

    yeah i have a “Jew nose” too
    although im barely part jewish
    it sucks because it doesn’t mix with my other features..
    prominently pale skin, blondish hair and blue eyes

    it’s kind of awkward all-in-all
    i plan on getting it done when im 18!
    plus i can’t breathe worth a shit
    and im always self-conscious

  45. Adam said

    I’m not sure whether i want it done or not.
    It costs so much money and i might feel guilty that i have removed a feature from myself.
    The thing is i try to take good pictures of myself but i always think omg my nose looks awful in that one and delete it straight away :S
    I really need to get over it. Once i am out of teenager years hopefully people will be more mature and if someone says something ill just try and shrug it off…

  46. matilda said

    im 15 years a female, who attends a higgh nose goes kinda long like an arrow, and got a bump init. and i duno wot to do! i always try holdin ma nose up when im at home so it rathers points up.and at skool i get called names like pinocio, big nose, and so others. i have been called one of the prettiest, but its just my nose, and it really bothers me =(

    • Bignoseemily! said

      I could have written this!!
      I have been told i would be one of the prettiest girls in my set if i had a smaller nose! -.-
      Some horrible people call my pinnochio and big nose too, it used to get me down but now i don’t really care because it makes me different and unique!
      So fu*k what the haters say! 🙂

  47. Karl said

    I’m 15 and I’m a male I got a lumpy nose from a car crash that my brother died in, and when I returned to school my friends saw me as a freak and couldn’t care less about my brother’s death.
    I’m not asking for sympathy but at times I hate and love my nose it reminds me of my brother and when I get into fights, people punch my nose but it’s sorta works like armour that protects my nose so my nose can’t get broken again.

  48. help at hand said

    i’m 29 and still feel sooooo concious about my nose’s huge ,but it’s good to know that if other people can get through life with their big noses then i can to …i want to get on with my life without thinking about this …if people have a problem with your nose then i try to see as their problem ….

  49. ggirl7290 said

    I stumbled across this website just now while looking at before/after pictures of rhinoplasty. I’m 20 years old and i’ve spent the past couple of hours actually crying because yesterday, immediately upon walking into a family party, a 6 year old decided to blurt out “you have a big nose”. I am of italian/armenian decent and have a large, ethnic nose that my brother likes to tell me resembles a beak. Most of the teasing I have endured began in high school from boys and girls alike. It has continued through college at times, mainly from either girls who i don’t get along with or ignorant people, and more recently, naive 6 year olds. I currently have a boyfriend and he is completely against any type of plastic surgery, no matter the issue. For the most part, I am usually considered “hot” by guys and have had enough admirers in the past but I’m still very self conscious about my nose. Mostly older people tell me I’m gorgeous and exotic looking and if I mention my nose they tell me there’s nothing wrong with it. I know that there is though because people wouldn’t make fun of me and 6 year olds wouldnt notice it right away, and the comments people make really hurt, even if they don’t mean them to. I know I have a big nose but its not the first thing someone notices. I’m seriously considering rhinoplasty as an option when I can afford it, and my mother and grandmother (both of whom have noses, though not as big) support my decision if it really bothers me that much. I’m just really worried that after surgery I’ll lose my exotic look, and people will make fun of me for getting a nose job instead. After reading all the previous posts however, I feel a little better and optimistic about my future with a big nose. If only there were more people like this in the world maybe cosmetic surgery wouldn’t have to exist at all.

  50. happypizza said

    Hi Laura II:
    You had a very good point:
    “a news anchor today is sadly not about how smart your reporting skills, how good your news judgement, how charismatic and well-informed you are. TV looks = plastic looks.”

    –I do wonder if “popular culture and media” is where a lot of people’s personal discontentment, inferiority feelings, and self-conscientiousness about physical appearance originates from!

    I don’t really know your situation or if my thoughts will be of any help to you but I thought after reading your comment: maybe there is another opening or career that will better appreciate the very valuable qualities you listed you have such as: intelligence, reporting skills, good news judgment, charismatic personality and being well informed. But either way my respect to your fighting spirit against what seems to be big odds!

    Hi Karl:
    I admire your resilience…sounds like you’ve gone through a lot more then most people your age or even older. Your comment was very eye-opening to me as I was reminded that I don’t always know the life-stories or extra-ordinary struggles that lies behind the people I meet or interact with on a day to day basis.

    Also I wanted to add, hopefully for your encouragement, that I very much believe in better world beyond this one and I wouldn’t be surprised if your brother is watching out for you and helping from the other side!

  51. naked_nose said

    Hey Nosey….here’s the unabridged version of ur ‘nose to toes’ joke…as passed down to me by my older brother when I was still an innocent 10 year old (what else are brothers for? ).. 😉
    ‘An 6’5 Ethiopian woman and a 5’2 pygmy man somehow found that ‘opposites attract’ and got hitched. A concerned friend finally mustered up the courage and asked the woman how things were working out in the bedroom. She replied happily…
    “Couldn’t be better!
    When we’re nose to nose, his toe is in it…
    And when we’re toe to toe, his nose is in it!”


    Which shows that God always has a purpose for the way he made us or the things he gives us… for example…i have freckles…which i absolutely hate…but they make great camouflage on those pimple outbreak days (and gives me great advantage when hunting zebras!)

    Hurrah for HappyPizza who’s as cool as can be…and for all the rest of you who have managed to find happiness, self-confidence and contentment despite not being perfect—just the fact that you have managed to do so shows that you’re stronger and cooler then you think, and in the long run you’ll all be the ones that come out on top with real character and depth! Give Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Britney Spears a big giant nose and see how they handle it :)!

    • Laelaunna said

      yo wuz up?
      I wouldn’t hate freckles, freckles are cute and pretty. especially on olive or white skin.
      Your lucky u have them, I do to, and I love them, they bring out your eyes or skin. That joke made me laugh 🙂 And no, I dont think Brad or Angelina could handle that lol! 🙂

  52. Bee said

    I absaoutely love this article, because even though you were expressing the fact that you think your nose is big and you feel you can’t change it, you also made fun of your self and as you said learned to accept it. I think all people with big noses or features on them they think is unattractive should embrace it and love who they are and how they look. You can’t change it, it’s there for a reason. If it’s not meant to be then why is it there in the first place? I know that most people will read this and think oh, that’s a nice statement, but, I feel totally different and it just doesn’t live up to the reality that i have a big nose and by society standards it’s viewed as an unattractive feature, so, I have to change the way I look. But you know what, whether you believe it or not, that’s not true. You don’t have to change because somebody thinks you’re not good looking or because they say negative things about your apperance. Who gives a fuck about them, they aint shit. Yeah, people might give them compliments, and say more nice things to them than about you, but those people are just as insecure and self conscious about the way they look, and their obsessed with it. That’s why we have anerexics, people with eating disorders, people who get plastic surgery and end up looking like they ate a whole box of something they were allergic to, and their face swells up and is all lumpy and bumpy. Those obsessed people are the ones who end up lonely because they turn out snobby, and disgusting, and just only care about accessories, and the way they look, they lose themselves to a world of unahappiness and depression. They try to keep up with these celelbrities and don’t realize they’re changing themselves for nothing and will never be perfect. No one is perfect. If they got one thing, most likely they don’t have the other. I remember when i was in school in kids picked on me all the time about my nose. I felt bad, I complained to my mother about it, and she said little girl I want you to look in the mirror and tell me what you see? Not to be funny but the first thing I said was a girl with a big nose, no lie. Then she said, is that all you see, well let me tell you what I see. I see a girl who’s beautiful and smart and has a whole lot of potential to be anything in the world. THen she’s say just look at those beautiful big brown eyes, those high cheek bones, and those cute lips and dimples, don’t that look like a face of a movie star? You’re not the only one with a big nose or the biggest one, let alone the only one who gets teased about it. So just be yourself, ignore them fools, because later in life they’re going to be calling you for help and asking your opinions. So the point is don’t let life or people get you down, it’s a waste of time, and waste of your life.

  53. Ashley said

    Wow. That was an amazing post “Bee”. It got me teary eyed. haha.

    But anyways, my name is ashley and i am 15 years old and yes, i have an extremely large nose. It is long and has a huge bump in the middle of it. Throughout my entire life i have always been very self concious about it and i have always gotten teased because of it. Names like “big nose” and “pennochio” were what i was often called in elementary and middle school =/ And unfortunately the names have carried on into high school, but not as bad. Since i have been in 4th grade i have wanted a nose job and i have begged my mother since then. And recently, she actually told me that her and my father decided that i could get one at the end of next year. I was so thrilled but now after reading all of these posts i’m not as thrilled as before. These posts have really changed my out look on my nose and made me feel so much more confident with it. I realized that i am not the only one in the world with a large nose (which is how i felt sometimes) and that i could have so much more problems then i do right now (Ex. cancer, diseases, aids, etc.) I used to always try to avoid showing anyone my profile and i would always hold my nose if i needed to turn the other way in front of a person. I also used to be so nervous meeting new people because i would be afraid that the first thing that they would look at is my large nose. But now i feel so much better, thanks to this website. But it’s funny because my dad was one of 5 kids and every one of those kids got the “family nose”. And his 3 sisters all ended up getting nose jobs except my dad and his brother because they happen to like their italian nose. But the unfortuate part is all of my dad’s siblings had 3 children except my dad who just had me, and i end up being the only grandchild who gets the “family nose”!!! So i’m really confused right now about what i should do. I could either follow my aunts and grandmother and get a nose job, or i could be like my father and uncle and just accept what i have and be happy with what God gave me. But i’m scared because my parents gave me the option of getting this surgery done and this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity..

    But anyways, if anyone could give me any advice that would be great! But thank you all for your amazing posts and God Bless<3

    • Bignoseemily! said

      I also have a large nose which is long and has a bump in it :/ It used to get me down, when i was about 12 i started secondary school, before that i was unaware that i had big nose, but i soon found out when some older students laughed at me and said stuff like ‘look how big her nose is!’ and one guy called me ‘pinnochio’ too 😦 But i actually quite like my nose now because it makes me different to everyone else! I get my nose from my big mum so i’m not going to change it to honour her!
      Don’t get surgery! 🙂
      Fcuk what the haters say, i bet your beautiful 🙂

  54. Big Shnoz said

    Excellent shit man! I use to be really self concious about my nose. Eventually I realized that just because I have a big nose does not mean im ugly. I learned to appreciate some of the other features I have.

  55. Sunray said


    Same story for me…I was often teased about my nose. Actually today (and it’s been a while since I’ve heard anything negative about my looks) but today this homeless guy and his homeless friend were bothering customers at the cafe I work in and when I told them to please leave and that they should get jobs..etc…etc one said “man she has a big nose, she has the biggest nose on a girl I’ve ever seen”. Now first of all it’s not the biggest nose on a girl he’s ever seen cause I know there are bigger ones, second of all I get hit on all the time and get told I’m gorgeous a lot and third of all it was a homeless dude cracked out of his mind… but did I still get upset? I sure did!

    I know how you feel, I got made fun of a lot growing up, but you know what? THe easiest thing to pick out is something on the outside, because it’s right there and it doesn’t require a lot of thinking. So the people that teased you were not thinking and anyone that makes fun of someone is obviously dealing with their own insecurity and problems.

    I had the option of getting a nose job last summer and I really almost went through with it. I knew someone that went to this doctor and she was pretty before and still pretty after and it really looked great with the surgery. She did have breathing problems too so I mean she got lucky that she had to get it fixed for a more “accepted” reason….cause people think ‘oh well she couldnt breathe so ok’ 🙂

    Another of my friends who got a nose job says it’s the best thing she ever did and she doesn’t think about it anymore and she feels free to just be herself.

    So, I say if you want to get one, if you really think it will help you, then just do it. The worst thing you can do is worry about what your family did or thinks. And I know it seems odd to say: who cares what people think, you should get a nose job if you want, but then it’s like well if I don’t care what they think why bother? But you are bothered by being teased…and the thing is you will move and/or go to college and have a new life and if you get a nose job and you feel more comfortable with how you look it will be a relief. You don’t have to tell anyone and you don’t have to care if you do tell them and they don’t like it. But right now I assume you’re in school still so if you don’t get one maybe you will still get teased but if you do get one they will think that they have gotten to you. So I’d wait a couple years so that you can adjust and you should really think it through a lot, know the risks, even just going for a consultaion….

    I don’ t know if what I’m saying makes sense cause I’m a little emotional on the subject of noses….but my point is…people are ALWAYS going to have SOMETHING bad to say about EVERYONE. If YOU think you would prefer to have a smaller nose, go for it. If you think ‘you know what, I really don’t give a shit anymore because I’m great the way I am’ then also good for you.

    The reason I didn’t or at least haven’t yet (I’m still not sure) is because I’m overly critical about everything about myself. I’m afraid that I will get it done and then still be upset with something or that I will see my new nose and think “oh that’s not how I imagined it” or “oh but I’m still ugly” even though…it’s kinda all in my head that I’m ugly… it’s hard to explain. I also felt guilty cause it was expensive and I felt like there were so many people starving in the world (dramatic I know but it’s true) that I would feel like such a bad person…. unfortunately we live in a society that places way too much emphasis on looks. But if you really think that you will feel more secure, if it’s really bothering you, then go for it. But make sure your 100 percent sure and know that you still won’t be perfect in terms of society’s impossible standards, but you are either way, no matter what, a 100 percent perfect human being; beautiful by just being alive and breathing.



  56. kyndel said

    Hey im Kyndel and ever since i was in 6th grade i started to worry about my nose ive been told several times i have a big nose by people in my school as if i didnt know that im in highschool now but it still really affects me, im not ugly well i dont think so alot of guys try to talk to me and tell me im fine but then i think about all the other guys that called me ugly and talked about my nose its soo hurtful i guess thats why is hard for me to get a boyfriend because im soooo afraid of what people will say…im am considering a nose job i think that i will be happy with it i mean i know people say live with who u are and love urself and some people actually start to like their nose but if u dont then u should just do what makes u happy…but if you have a big nose and u get picked on im really sorry your not alone!!

  57. abcd said

    all the boys make fun of my nose! even my friends! its bigger then other peoples but i never found it H U G E until now when i start staring at it more. i keep thinking to like my nose and how im different to others. but when everyone keeps saying this stuff i get less and less confident, to the point where im actully covering it all day long.


  58. pinkpurplexx said


    well i might as well share my story
    im a 16 year old girl and i have a long nose with a huge bump in the middle i absoulty HATE it!!!!
    iv spent hours crying over it and feeling depressed
    i yapped on soo much to my parents about it iv recently been to a surgon who has agreed to work on it but i could be on the waiting list for months/years!!
    im beginning sixth form (college) now in a week and im dreading soo much i feel so self councious all the time like people are always looking at my nose and talking about me!!
    at high school i never heard the end of it i was called big nose all the time but the worst name was def concorde even the younger ones in the school pasted remarks about it!!
    mt mum has a big nose so i take it after her shes nt bothered by hers anymore and makes jokes out out of it!!
    im just scared at my new school people will judge me because of my nose and nt by the person i am!!

    can anyone give me any advice on how to overcome this and not let it ruin my life which i feel it is doing!!

    thanks very much

  59. Nicola said

    i get bullied at skool coz of my big nose, i even tried to break it! i no it sounds weak but i just cant love it!

  60. ryan said

    look, if you just read ALL of these posts like i did, you probably have a big nose that you’re not happy with and are maybe debating a nose job right now. All of the posts that are so deep and insightfull are just filler. the truth of the matter is this…



  61. lala said

    haha “snorting out impurities” i agree! its great to sneeze with!

  62. Karlos said

    People who think they can’t get a job at acting because of their nose should look at Adrien Brody, he starred in Peter Jackson King Kong movie with Jack Black and the pianist, and kissed Naomi Watts.
    There is even Ringo Starr and Rod Stewartand maybe Al Pacino and Dermot Mulroney.

    These are celebrities who have become famous even with lumpy noses and are legends.

    I also have a ski-slope nose and I mean real big yet I’m a striker for my school football team, and when we do away matches the other team mainly take the mic out of me but I sometimes out do them, I don’t have girlfriend but I’m glad cos I can concentrate on my matches and my exams.
    Basically just do what you can do best and try and forget about those who make fun of you they’re obviously upset about something about themselves just so they can make others miserable.

    You’re probablly thinking I just go on but I just wanted to say is cheer up and look at the bright side.

  63. Scott Murdoch said

    Your nose ain’t as big as mine!

  64. K_Me_Now!! said

    Hey i hav a jew nose & it Brings me down alot to the point i want to KILL MYSELF!!

    I cant not care about it, when im reading or looking sideways it blocks my eye sight then im reminded of what a freak i am.

    I nver fit in anywhere, because of it, people avoid talking or looking at me or they just go ‘oi big noise’ ‘jew boy’ or when i walk past them ‘wow he has a big noise’.

    I want surgery but my family like brother n mum hav big noses as well and i think they will look down on me or somethin and i dont bring it up either that i dislike it cos im afraid of what they will say.

    Plus im really shy in general so both together dont go well.

    People here say they like it or what ever but when im on train every1 stares at me, and i get self consiouce* however u spell it, and i feel like JUMPIN IN THE TRAIN AND KILLIN MY SELF! or maybe stabbin myself, or cuttin of my head, no1 will probaly miss me…

    Plus i think girls are worse then boys, they make fun of me More, like in class, some asked me ‘re u jewish because u have a HUGE noise, i meen its massive and bent’ punching people in the face for it seems to make me happy for a bit then next day they are back to it except u cant hit women so im pretty boned there, espically when there really gd looking n them n theirs friends are going ‘look at the goblin’ .

    I think i mite try cut ir off of smash it with something so i have to get it fixed what do u people think ? maybe chop it off..

    • lolo said

      hi don’t do it i did i regretted it screw the world just focus in something else people who make fun of u have no life don’t ever hate your self i lost something something that mead me different 😦
      if u feel down think about izzitachickita look here here in youtube 🙂
      i wish one person take me out of the nosejob but the sad thing it was my mom and dad idea 😦
      after the surgery my sister told me there was nothing wrong with you to late
      i never asked i thought oh god listen to my prayers u are not your nose you are the thing u do 🙂
      i give a lot to have my old self
      one day u will have kids they may have your nose u will love them no matter what
      🙂 good luck

  65. laura said

    I have a big nose. It is huge, and where I live everyone is either Asian and has a tiny nose or a little button nose. I feel really insecure about it, even though people say I am pretty. I think they are just saying it to be nice. People keep telling me I “would look bad without a big nose”. I already look bad.

  66. Marty said

    Hola! Great post Happypizza! I too have a huge nose but mine is more african american and I dont have a bridge. Being the only one of my siblings to have this nose sucks!! But my motto is if you dont like it, change it…as I will. I truely admire your ability to be happy with what you have and see all of the advantages to being a unique and attractive person (inside and out). 😉 Cheers amigo!

  67. Eric said

    Thank you. I was always socially insecure of my nose.
    Really thank you, you just opened my eyes.
    I felt different after reading this.
    I’m really gratefull that I had been able to read this.
    Thank you 😀

  68. Micky said

    Aww that was so beautiful..
    you opened my eyes also..
    im proud!
    Thank God 4 my big nose!!

  69. julaine said

    ok my nose is the worst. and my name julaine is pronounced jew-lane so you can imagine. Im not even jewish but that starotype of having the big nose like jewish ppl drives me crazy.

    anywho Im 18 and I have been single for years. and I honestly think its cuz my nose. its long and pointy. since I have no money for surgery I fiz the things I can. so I was get compliminates on how I have beautiful blonde hair and victoria secret body.haha which is always nice to hear but deep down I still feel ugly. I have been told I have perfect blue almond shaped eyes and the most kissable looking lips but honestly I know their looking at my nose. I cant over it. I feel I would be beautiful if I just didnt have this nose. it doesnt even go with my face. It like takes up my face! My brother calls me pinocchio alot and Ill just cry on hours end. everyone else in my family has cute little nose. but I got the big european one from my dads side. even he tells me how big my nose is!
    I seriously just wish I can find a guy who can look past it and look at my personality. I try to be sweet to everyone cuz I know little comments can hurt. so I make friends easily but never boyfriends. I know its my nose. its so h u g e.

    happypizza do you have any advice or tips for me?
    thanks for the post!

  70. happypizza said

    Hi Julaine…I’m no image consultant or appearance guru with lots of advice and tips..haha…just a guy who’s learning to thank God for the good the bad and the ugly. Sorry to hear about the way you look at your self and the pain you feel…I’m sure feeling lonely doesn’t help.

    But to be honest the only advice I can give, from my own experience is–focus on the positive and the good things about you…like you mentioned: beautiful blonde hair, “Victoria Secret” body, sweet and friendly personality and the many other good things and blessings in your life. There is also lots of good advice and tips in the comments above from people who have gone through similar experiences–read em’ if you haven’t already.

    Here are some good quotations to meditate on:

    We can complain because the rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses!

    If we pause to think, we will have cause to thank.

    He who forgets the language of gratitude can never be on speaking terms with happiness.

    Happiness is in the heart, not in the circumstances

    I had not shoes and I complained. –Until I met a man who had no feet!

  71. chelsea said

    People give me hell all the time about my big nose,
    i switched schools cause of the bitches making fun of me,
    not seeing who i am on the inside.
    I would love a nose job, but im happy with what god has given me.
    if i didnt have my nose the way it is, i wouldnt be as beautiful

  72. Luuj said

    Wow so im a 20yo guy and today was really the first day I seriously thought about getting a nose job. I’ve only had comments on my nose id say maybe 3 or 4 times excluding the occasional comment from my siblings. When I was younger I never noticed that my nose was big at all until around middle school when someone at school said something for the first time and since then i’ve alwasy been self-consious because of it. I heard somewhere that if you hear it 3 times from different people it’s gotta be true and I think thats why i’ve been haunted by my appearence (nose) for so long. Even though I cant pick out anyone who has teased me recently I just feel stuck and always slightly depressed. When I Look in the mirror it seems like all I can see is my nose and nothing else and feel forever scarred none the less.

    I came accross this article when trying to find out what a nose job actually costs, after reading this I felt alot better about the way I look but I just wish I could look at myself through someone elses eyes. Friends and family say that I look fine the way I am and that getting a nose job would be pointless. Even though I dont think im ugly, I mean I have my good qualities too but I just feel scarred to the point that I just dont see it like everyone else does. I look in the mirror now and i see NOSE and thats it. I think about my nose the most in a picture when flash is on, it highlights the slight bends and bumps to the point where I just feel discusted, though depending on the angle it can look good, and without flash I dont even notice that my nose is big in a photo. So more to the point when im out and meeting people or doing whatever I usually do it during the day and I think that my nose looks the way it does when I take a picture with flash on becase the sun is always shining down on me.

    I’m at the point now where I feel that I can’t really judge myself honestly anymore because my train of thought has been so twisted that Im only gonna see what I belive to be true (a guy with a big nose) and on the same note I feel the same about trusting friends opinions because I fear they’re only saying what they think I want to hear so im lost in confusion.

    After reading blogs from everyone else here I do feel quite inspired to just love myself the way I am, I dont know what I need to hear or do to make myself feel better, but for me feeling down about my nose makes it harder to feel confident, work out, or buy nice looking cloths because I then think that even if I have everything else im still gonna have this nose.

  73. Roxy said

    Your post really got me past my “I hate my nose” phase. Some days I actually like it. I’m 13, so I’m still pretty young, I have a square head and the corners of my mouth point down- which all compliment my large nose just wonderfully ¬¬

    There’s a girl a few years above me at school, she has quite a nose on her. She’s blonde, like me, blue eyes etc- but she’s gorgeous. So I’m really hoping I grow into mine as I know she’s grown into hers (I’ve seen a Year 7 photo of her).

    It does annoy me that it’s less of a big deal for guys to have a big nose, I know people do make a big deal out of it, but I think it’s worse for girls. We seem to be expected to have perfect little pixie features, a tiny little waist, small feet and flawless skin. I find guys with big noses really attractive actually, more so than some guys with “normal” noses. But I always wonder whether girls could benefit from rhinoplastry, I’ve held my hand sideways over my nose, and I just wish it was hidden (on a “I hate my nose day” that is).

  74. Roxy said

    *hidden forever.

    I mean, it’s not as long as my hold hand x)

  75. armando said

    hey dude ur thing made me laugh and feel better about my nose thanks alot =D

  76. Edward said

    Happypizza – I just wanted to say that this entire page of posts has really influenced the way I feel about my prominent nose. I’m 18 years old and I have inherited my fathers high German nose (which basically is an extension of my forehead). I do not think that I’m ugly because of nose or anything like that, but I have serious moments in my life when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror on the way out the door and it is like I get hit by a wall of sadness and complete lack of self belief. It really is very strange because I am usually a happy, laid-back person and I try my best to concentrate on the positive aspects of my looks (tall, athletic build, long blonde hair, dark blue eyes, strong jaw line, high cheek bones etc) but my nose seems to have this powerful negative effect on the way I view myself. It seriously is a day to day struggle for me to try and overcome this ever-present feeling of self pity and shame. In addition to that I have that paranoia which was mentioned above by many people, catching the train or bus and feeling like there are a million eyes staring at your imperfection – it’s horrible! What makes it worse is knowing that the fear is most likely irrational – but it’s part of my character to be my own biggest critic and to think the absolute worst about my appearance. Is this merely a phase? Because it has come to the stage where I need to see a counselor in order to improve my self esteem. Anyway, I’m ranting so I’ll wrap it up – my heart goes out to all those people out there who suffer from low self esteem because of appearance or whatever, it is such a cruel burden to have to carry. Thank you very much Happypizza for all your contributions, you have brightened so many people’s days and improved my self esteem for sure 🙂 I am very grateful to have stumbled upon this page.

  77. Omid said

    well..u c I’m a persian and my nose just so happens to be the largest nose in recorded history. Guiness world records gave me the world record for “The man with the largest nose.”. i’ve won 16 Gold metal in the big nose olympics. I HATE IT! MY BIG NOSE IS HUGE THE DAM THING IS EVERWHERE I GO. I HAVE TO WHERE BANANAN GAURDS EVERWHERE I GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Pat said

    My friend Dave has a big nose also. I bet it beats the size of yours omid.

  79. Emily said

    I’m only 13 and my nose is huge with a big bump in the middle of it and everybody else has a perfect proportioned nose. No one comments me about how ugly my nose is, but i know it’s there and this is why
    i don’t have a boyfriend. To make things worse, i can honestly say there is nothing else about me that is pretty like the rest of my family……. I hate my big nose! please help……..

  80. nosey said

    thanks everybody, your stories give me inspiration. i too have quite a large proboscis, and it constantly keeps me down and self conscious. you all made me feel better

  81. Unknown said

    I have a big nose too. But I will never get a nose job!!! If God wanted me to have a flat nose he would have made it that way. Instead God took his time to make a good lump on my nose. I mean why should anyone who has a big nose or who feels insecure about how it looks get a nose job. Even if you say to yoursef your getting a nose job to make yourself feel better is that true. I mean there is a reason why your nose looks a certain way. Just maybe Your nose can attract or is meant just for the one and only man or woman. Try accepting your nose don’t forget about it because it will always be there. And Your beautiful or handsome nomatter what the world says or what you think of yourself. You say I don’t want to be different I want to be like most people. For what. Respect your nose . If you get a nose job it will probably get you more attractive and more friends and all but would those friends really be your friends if they knew you had a big nose and you changed . God Loves the way he made your nose and you should too . I should too.

  82. Rach said

    Yaaay finally, theres people who feel the same as I do lol.
    This may sound weird but like sometimes my nose bothers me, and other times it dosent.
    Its like i have to get on with it, As much as i dont want to.
    Im considering having a nose job but it costs so much money, and the surgeons dont always do it right, so your stuck with that foreverrr! I dont know what to do 😦
    My friends say i dont need a nose job, but they dont understand cos they have tiiinyyy noses lol. x

  83. katee said

    big nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. my friends nose is HUGE!!!! but he loves it and i say good on him!!
    and to all you other big nosed people im really jealous of you

  85. ahhh! big noses are basically the coolest thing ever!
    and theyre the first thing i notice when i meet people.
    they are just unbelieveable cool to me. 😀

  86. maria b said

    Hi – I am 51, female, and back in the on-line dating scene. I put my pictures on line – they are from this year, no air brushing and men ask me out. As soon as they meet me, I can almost see their disappointment – 15 men – only 2 have ever been more than 2 dates. As I am slim, with nice eyes and smile I always think it is my nose that turns them off. I have put up with it for my whole life, but every photo of myself looks hideous because all I can see is my nose. I have always thought plastic surgery a vain expense, but looking back over these many years I am aware of how much more confident I would have been if my nose had been smaller. They say not to judge a book by its cover, but everyone does. I recently met someone on line – great emails and phone calls for 4 weeks and then we met – after two dates he no longer calls. I’ve taken my profile off and have basically given up. I have some savings and if I am not too old I will get surgery although my daughter says she will disown me(!) They pin back boys ears when they stick out, and use braces to prevent receding chins so what’s the big deal?

  87. The True Big Nose said

    I had an extremely big nose before I had surgery to reduce it. I had it done when I was 19. I was teased so much about it and made to feel so ugly, dehumanized and comical, there was no turning back from surgery. It was the only way. My self-esteem was shattered from an early age.

    I have never seen anybody with a bigger nose than than mine. My dad would even tease me and joke how he had no idea where it came from. People laughed and stared at me school. I had people harrass me with laser pointers to point out my nose in public. I played competitive hockey and the other teams would comment on my nose all the time to get under my skin. I had assholes from the stands in an arena chant “big nose” at me. People always assumed I was overly endowed down south because of my overly endowed nose. Guys wanted to fight me so they could have the pleasure of breaking my nose. My older brother would always grab it and pull it when we were young as form brotherly humiliation and torture. People thought they could just touch it. People would walk up to me and say, “You. Have. A. Huge. Nose.” I hated going out in public.

    I tried to walk certain ways and different angles so people wouldn’t notice my nose. I ended up wearing a hat and glasses to try to take attention away from it.

    My nose even created physical limitations. My nose would be pressed against the inside of my hockey mask and it would hurt like hell whenever I got hit in the mask in anyway. It obstructed my vision as it blocked one of my eyes line of sight if I glanced to the right or left. I couldn’t wear swimming goggles because they hurt my nose too much and water would leak in. I loved swimming. I also loved skiing and wearing ski goggles was a problem because they couldn’t seal my face. Kissing girls was probablematic and I became too embarrassed to try or want to after awhile. I couldn’t drink out of certain glasses or I had to look like a fool and tilt my head far back to get the right angle so the liquid would start to flow.

    Some of you think you have big nose, but you probably don’t. I wish I had the strength, confidence, and wisdom I have now after reducing my nose because I would’ve been able to accept it and live with it, but the damage was done and it took a minor surgery to get me to this point and realization.

    People get breast reductions, braces, ears pinned back, and tongues untied. Getting a nose reduction is no different. If your “big nose” is affecting your quality of life in negative way, I would consider getting a nose reduction.

    There’s a delicate line between hiding behind self-deprecation about your appearance and having acceptance and a sense of humour about it.

    However, surgery is not the perfect solution. My “new” nose is not perfect and I am not more handsome or better looking. I also have a permenant bump or polyp in one of my nostrils, but nobody can see it so I don’t care. I just have trouble picking my nose. It also takes years to get used to your new appearance. Maybe more in my case, because my appearance changed so much.

    When I look at old pictures of myself with a big nose, I am astounded to how big it was. Wow. I also have mixed feelings. I’m a happy I did it, but I realize it didn’t make me better looking which I though it would. I also wish I was more mature and not so insecure and could’ve lived longer with my big nose to see if I still felt I needed to change. However this is confidence and experience I’m speaking now which I didn’t have before. I would probably still be miserable about my big nose if I still had it. Actually, I would.

    The best thing about my nose reduction is that I feel like a normal human being and I get treated like one. I get treated with more respect. I fit in and blend with everyone else. I’m not separated from everyone else because of my nose. You might be saying that I got rid of character or a piece of my identity, which I agree and I know, but with the nose I had, my nose was my identity which is not an identity at all. I’m not a comical-looking person anymore where the first thing everyone notices about me is my nose. It was a stigma that I couldn’t live with. I didn’t even like when the rare person complimented my big nose, just because it was so foreign and different. It wasn’t a true compliment, I was just a side-show and my nose gave the rare person pleasure and attraction. I understand why most big-breasted women hate it when men compliment their breasts all the time. I never made my big nose to commented on all the time, neither do women with big breasts show them intentionally to be commented on all the time. Although, a nose doesn’t get the same type of attention. I just know what it feels like to have an exaggerated body part that everyone focuses on.

    Nobody pays attention to my nose now. They pay attention to me as whole being or not all. That’s what’s made it worth it. I’m never afraid to go out in public. In fact, I love going out in public now.

    Having an extremely big nose is more difficult to live with than you think. It’s on your face, the most important part of your body that’s constantly judged and always visible.

    To those who think they have a big nose and can laugh about it or accept it, CHEERS! I needed big nose heroes like you when I was young (if yours was bigger than mine) 🙂

  88. Adin said

    I have a big nose, I’m European. I always use to look at myself at the mirror saying to myself my nose is huge. But I’ve seen bigger noses before. As I got older I changed and I wasn’t so worried about my nose. People did say i have a big nose, but they told me I had nice eyes and other good compliments. Just be yourself and don’t worry too much, its only 1 part of your body. I know when your out in the open and if theres girls/guys around you feel bad bc everyone is gonna see your nose.

  89. Unknown said

    I know how it feels to have a big nose. BUt I’m not going to waste my time with surgery. For what . Lets just say I got a nose job then someone will find something else to make fun of me with. Adin I agee I just got to be myself. Nomore Am I gonna tilt my head from side to side to please them. I know that having this nose on my face gets me sad sometimes and I cry. You see these people with cute noses and you compare them to yours. Well whatever, my nose is my nose. Make fun of it. Laugh at it. Stare at it. Point at it. Call me a square if you want. Make youself feel better. Are you Happy now? I’m going to live my life. Wow. Whatever you do to me you do it to God. You doit for people can think your cool right. You do it because it makes you mad or is funny.I already know this man.If any of you others who are being picked on because of your nose my advivce to you is to put your trust in God, be yourself( the way God made you), smile.

  90. ElizaMonell said

    I had a big nose but used that thing called nosehuggie or w/e from

    it makes your nose smaller in 2 weeks…

  91. BigNose said

    guys… I really don’t think that whats the girls are looking for is a good personality… they are looking for a good looks…. I have big nose myself… And it really bothered me sometimes… but now I would never wanted to have small nose! so look at your big noses as advantage…

  92. jaisal said

    I have to disagree there with you big nose, girls are interested in inner beauty and only the shallow girls that can not be bothered to take you for who you are no matter what you look like will reject you as they have no inner emotions. thanks for all the posts they really helped me to look past the issue

  93. jaisal said

    yeah just a comment for the true big nose, u seriously are a loser for getting surgery for your nose, what kind of an idiot does that? be happy for who you are and learn to accept it u cant change the way u look

  94. Why don't we transform word "Big" into "Prominent"? -Prominent and Pretty- said

    I am 20 now, and have had a complex about my nose since… well since people started picking on it. Even takin a recent comment for example, my mate told me yesterday that I’m very pretty but if I had a nose job I would have been gorgeous. I did consider an operation, even went to talk to the doctor but am totally not ready for one, I dont want to look Simple and Plain. I have had a lot of guys liking me and calling me beautiful etc, but I’ve also had those telling me as I walk past “Schneize!”(Big nose). A nose certainly doesnt define your beauty. Cheekbones, neck, jaw line, lips, eyes, clear skin, even nicely shaped eyebrows are what contirbute to the beauty of the face. And I will repeat again the cliche phrase Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Everyone comes from different backgrounds, is brought up differently and taste for beauty as such is constantly changing and is purely subjective, some people are also afarid to stand out with their perception of beauty and reality as such. Also, as I look at before and after pictures of those doing surgery and I always notice that people that I found not attractive with big nose I havent found any bit more attractive with a small nose. Plus, those upturned noses they make for most of patients I personally find hidious. I don’t like an upturned nose on girls, and on guys I prefer a prominent nose that shows character. And now I’ve come to realise that there is nothing more attarctive than being goodlooking overall with a character in your nose.

  95. ME said

    Yea, big noses rock!!!! *pokes mine* 🙂

  96. Meg said

    wowww, look at all these comments! lol.
    this really made me feel better to read all the stuff other people with big noses have put!
    my nose isn’t like HUGEEEE. but it’s definitely big.
    i hate it! but i mean what can i do?
    but anyhoo, i am a model. and i always get told how beautiful i am from complete strangers.

    so yea.
    BIG NOSE. but people don’t really notice.
    in fact i’ve only gotten called big nose once in my life.
    and like i said, its pretty large.

    but i think im finally accepting it..
    and this article really helped!

  97. Sally said

    that kinda helped me. im only 16 and i have a massive nose. everytime i look at my side profile in the mirror it makes me feel sick and ive been called names before like ‘the nose’ and ‘pinnochio’.
    i think il consider to start accepting it but il always be that little self-conscious of it
    but thnks for sharing that 🙂 it did really help x

  98. betty said


  99. U-B-UGLY said



  100. bigtime said

    I just have to say when I was back in the fith grade I got teased cause my nose is big. You got the wide world in your nose. Ya I hated it but what could I do cant change my nose that easy. but got over it and eventually got older and said hey this is who you are deal with it. and I did and glad I did to got a lot of tattoos, got ingaged to a tall slim model, got a good job so no matter what anyone says about your big nose just know its not true.

  101. big nose banger said

    im just a random person…lol..but i think big noses are sexy..i love them…i always date a guy with a nice nose.ofcourse there is different types of noses.but i just love noses.they are so attractive,distinct. they bring the features out in the face.

  102. phieeee said

    I dont really care bout my nose. I mean its big, but i have seen bigger, and seeing them made me think that my nose isnt humungus!! My mums got my nose, and she dosent care. I dont get stick from my mates cuz i got a good personality, and quite popular, that no one is bothered. Only once when i went to this girls house did her brother say ‘I didnt realise you have a big nose’ I just sed ‘I didnt realise you have a short, fat, stumpy little nose like a round tomatoe’. hahaha. He was a year older, but still blushed like a 4 year I know it was harsh, but it was better than feeling down, and upset by this comment at the dinner table. Sooo…. Just dont care what people say. You will have a nice personality and you may have a longer/sticky-outy/stumpy/fat nose than ya mates, but they are still friends with ya, And there will be someone out there with a bigger nose than you :P:P:P hehehe

  103. Prudence Slutsky said

    I really liked this article 🙂

  104. I really enjoyed this article. I actually felt better after reading it. Since my childhood I have kinda felt self-conscious about my nose because I was teased a lot. It’s a really strange thing because it was always other guys that teased me. A girl told me when I was in highschool that they only teased me because I was so handsome. I thought that was crazy, because my nose has always made me feel ugly. Anyway, I have grown (not totally over it). I’m always told how beautiful my wife is and I know she totally adores me. She must see something other than my nose, and that tells me that it’s not about how someone looks but who you are as a person.

    We are all exactly how God wanted us to be.

  105. miss nosey said

    I have a big nose with big hip in the middle of it that makes it look like broken!!!
    I had people staring at it so inappropiately and some people comminting at it
    in the street like: bad nose or fuc**** nose! it was embaressing and I never knew what to respond!
    I fear making relationships coz I fear them rejecting me because of my nose.I separated my self from people becoz of it. it is terrible. and whenever my ”friends” become jelous of me bcoz of anything they comment at it as they assume that making jokes about it will make me hurt and lose my pride and happiness, and it does, espically from close friends.

    any advice guys?


  106. miss nosey said

    I have a big nose with a big hip in the middle of it so it is worse!!
    I always had this hat towards my nose.until now! although I am 22 years old!
    I used always to blame it for me not having friends or social life.
    –excerpt removed—
    Back to my nose lol > I got over thanx god so many problems and still looking for a solution for my nose,I thought of cosmic surgery then I thought that I should accept my nose like it is as a part of the treatment process of my body and soul from the past. so I started to be open about it.I found out that alot of girls donot like their noses! but I thought they were trying to empithise with me.! I felt ok and I liked the fact that they liked me regardless of my nose!!
    I donot have that great personality, but I am in my way to build one.I donot have alot of friends though and I always think that my nose is an obstacle but it is not, it is my mind and personality that needs taking care of.this is what I am doing now.

    any advice guys?

    and sorry for the very long post!!

  107. happypizza said

    Sorry Miss Nosey, I removed part of your comment–it was unrelated to the blog post and I want to be mindful of the matters discussed, especially since children also visit this site. Anyhow I do wish you the best and that you will find closure with the different life struggles you face and have faced in the past.

    As for advice….just read all the comments above, a lot of good advice is there.

  108. Sad said

    I am 36 year old female….my nose looks like a buttcrack on the end.Its quite bulbous. Plus it is long like a ski jump. I have had many people comment on it all my life how big it is, and how it looks like a ski jump. I wear my hair long half way over my face. I cringe at profile photos of myself. 😦 It doesnt help matters that I have a small chin. I feel like a freak. Have such low self esteem. I just want to hide from the world. 😦 I dont know what to do. I dont have the money for a nose job….and I am afraid of the doc going at my face with a chisel. 😦 I just hate this nose. I think about it every darn day! Ugh

  109. Mee said

    WOW, now that i have look and read this it makes me feel alot beter and that im not alone

    So thanks!

    • Big nose freak! said

      I know omg! thanks !! hehe im finally not alone hehe all of my friends have small noses …haha

  110. Kristin said

    I feel so much better after reading this and all of your comments.

  111. Big nose freak! said

    Hahahahaha i luv u man! haha i have a huge nose and im just eleven and im a girl lots of guy dont look at me cuz of tht but i always actually find it a prob. this whole thing i jus read made me feel so good 🙂 thanks!!

  112. Sophie said

    This article made me feel alot better. i have a really prominent, long nose. I spend everyday hating it and i hate meeting new people because i think that they will judge me because of my nose. i never thought my nose was big until year 6 when one day i got off the school bus and some girl from the catholic school yelled out ‘sophie you have a big nose!’ (how she knew my name i dont know), and then others from my school from that day started making fun of me. i was so scared about high school, but im in year 9 now, and i havent had one thing said to me about my nose. i used to hate talking about noses, but now, i openly tell my close friends what i think about my nose, and they tell me that there is nothing wrong with it. I always get asked out by guys and always have guys telling me how beautiful i am. even though my nose is rather large and noticable, i still have other great features, and im also really nice. People always say im really pretty and my nose had never been an issue with me having a boyfriend or having great friends.. most of my friends are boys anyway. even after reading this i still want to fix my nose just a little, because it makes me so depressed and i feel trapped, but i always have boys that like me and ask me out, so it cant be THAT bad..

    • simo said

      i don’t know why i’m always attracted by the women’s nose,i always find that girls and women with big and large nose are the most attracting and sexy.almost all the people think that the hair,the eyes,and the body are the important things for the woman to be beautiful,but for me if the woman or the the girl has a big nose she’s the most beautiful…am i normal?

      • Exotic gal said

        during the raphaelite and pre rafealite times strong noses were considered the epitome of beauty. I wish it were still that way:) but it just goes to show how much body sizes can go in and out of favor. Right now the media has been blasting images of women with tiny plastic looking noses and even celebs with already small noses shade theirs w makeup (??????). It’s hard to NEVER see anyone on TV or in magazines with a nose like mine, but I too have never had trouble attracting men and don’t think ppl spend nearly as much time scrutinizing noses as those of us who are self conscious about ours.

        my issue is that i care far less about how i think others think i look than how i think i look. this used to be a source of my good self esteem and now it’s somehow turned into the reason i can’t snap out of obsessing about my nose despite often being complimented on my looks. I think for some their nose is fine and they are being perfectionist, for others there nose is deformed or disproportionately large and i can see why they would be really bothered by it.

  113. Unknown said

    thanks for the advice
    i mean i don’t get it sometimes some people look at me and say “your beautiful”
    some people say i look like my dad and some say i look like my mom
    others look at me with discust mostly people with those noses that are not my size
    yeah i’ve been called ugly and from my sister
    well like me if you ever struggled with your nose, don’t anymore or try not to
    Finally be strong, move on, look up not with pride but with your trust in God

  114. allzine said

    I have a big nose too hehe, good article. One question, In Asia a large nose is ugly or attractive for women?

  115. BigStal said

    This is a good article that shows the funny side of having a big schnoz, I have a huge nose which ever since about yr 9 (Puberty kinda came late and with that my nose grew with it) Im 24 now and it has been ridiculed quite often ever since. I used to get really upset about it and what made it worse is i used to show that i was upset to the people giving the comments which made them laugh more. Now i just laugh or ignore them and after 1 comment they stop doing it. You must never show you are affected by it at any stage. It hasnt affected my everyday life though ive got alot of friends, had girlfriends and a steady job. Everytime i go out on the town I sometimes get a bit envious when i see people with normal noses and how they seem to get the good looking girls but only when ive had a bad night in terms of luck with the ladies. I actually go ok with girls maybe not absolute stunners but if my nose was that bad i wouldnt be able to get anyone. Learn to live with it guys i know it is hard as i have been through the hating stage but at the end of the day the more confident you are the less people notice the size of your nose or more importantly not care about it.

  116. lol said

    my nose is big, wide and fat :\
    my boyfriend called me ugly but sometimes he called me pretty or cute too, i dont really know what he means by that, it makes me self concious about myself but
    i think this article helps me to accept for what i really am.
    p/s: i see a lot of people complaining about their big nose and they posted their pictures, and their nose wasnt that bad and its NOT even big. My nose is big and it doesnt suit my small face.

    • BigStal said

      To the above post it is very annoying whe people post pictures of their nose and it isnt even close to big, it makes people who genuinely have a huge nose feel even worse about themselves. I can safely say my nose is like i said huge, people have actually when they walk past me stop what there talking about and talk about how big it is, i know this because i heard some of them. There is no other way of saying it, it is a monster. If anyone knows the comedian demitri martin it is similar to that. Having said that despite the obvious flaw in my appearance i dont let it affect me. People need to grow up, there is more to life than picking on someone with a big nose, nobody is perfect. Remember it says more about the person saying it than it does you.

  117. Dan said

    Girls, and boys … I have had three nose surgeries. The first one was relatively successful, but after a few years my nose “grew” back to it’s original shape/size. Last year, I did another surgery which ended up with a catastrophic result. An effect they call Polly Beak (Parrot Nose)in plastic surgeory therminology was added on th tip of my nose. So this year, just for a month ago I operated my nose again (for the thirsd time). It looked just perfect the first few weeks and I was in heaven. But the last couple of weeks I have been living in hell. For very hour that passes by, something somewhere in my nose changes. Not only it has got back all the imperfections and asymmetry that it had before the operation, since the doctor brought it up and made it shorter, it now looks “fatter” and “uglier”. I write this to advice you against plastic surgery. They say nose has a memory,and that is true…

  118. BIG ONE said

    I have a big nose and im a girl; same as others, this post made me laugh but im not too grateful for my nose.
    i live in argentina where all the girls are beautiful and im the retard with the nose. they all tell me either “plastic surgery please!!!” or if they try to be helpful they say “dont worry youll get rid of it as soon as u turn 18”
    im not exactly pretty but im pretty sure the nose is the thing that just destroys my image. but getting surgery goes against EVERYTHING i believe in. all that money, pain and time wasted just so you can please other people and feel crappier thinking youre a fake.
    so yeah im in mixed opinions here

  119. zj said

    Wow. What an article. I stumbled across this while researching nose job costs. Makes me reconsider rhinoplasty (at least for the moment).

    I’ve never seen pictures of my parents, but I bet one had a wide nose and one had a narrow nose because my nose is a combination of a wide a and straight nose. It narrows a bit until right below my bottom eye line, then buldges out, then narrows back into a normal nose tip.

    It’s ridiculous. My nose has a mind of it’s own.

    When I smile, the extra skin kinda smooths out. But when I laugh, the stupid extra skin just bunches over my nose bridge. SO attractive. NOT. When I purse my lips, you can definitely see the invisible lines on both sides where a surgeon’s scalpel would just beg to carve. What’s even more stupid is that I’m so insecure about my nose that I add contouring makeup on both sides to darken the sides and to give off an illusion of a slimmer nose…it kinda works, but then I’m always conscious that one side’s lighter than the other, or that it’s so freakin obvious to other. AND I also don’t like it because of how light my nose is compared to the rest of my face which is darker…it always shows in pictures, and I never wear my hair down because my triangle of a nose on my little face is even more noticeable.

    EVERY time I look in a mirror (what, 10x a day?) I hold up my fingers on both sides, turn my head this way and that and dream about how wonderful it would be to make all kinds of facial expressions WITHOUT my nose changing shape. Sigh.

    Where’s that $4,000 that I need for a nose job. Thank you for the article though. For a moment, I am accepting my nose and it’s nice to know that there are others out there who understand exactly what it’s like.

  120. Izzy said

    LuckY you for feeling that way….I have a big nose and I’m female i freaking hate it! I have BDD……….

  121. Captain Big Nose said

    I am a female and I also have a big nose!
    And quite frankly, I now love him. 🙂
    Beauty is only skin deep, after all, and come on, real people can see past your gigantic shnoz.

    And besides, who the hell wants to be like all those perfect little princesses, with their boring and normal sized noses? They may look all perfect and whatnot, but they’re all rotten on the inside – like those really good looking apples that taste like shit when you bite into them.

    But we – we are those apples who have those slight blemishes on the outside, and when bitten into, we’re the fucking sweetest thing you’ve ever tasted, and you can’t get enough of us.

    We people with giant noses must unite, ‘coz like, come on, having interesting noses is so much better than having your little pixie noses and whatnot.

    I think you should just love what God gave you – be glad that you even have a nose. Be glad that it’s so awesome. I can guarantee that each and every one of you is beautiful, so just don’t worry. Love it. Embrace it. 🙂

  122. Tyson F. said

    I glad reading your blog post. Thank you so much for provide great information.

  123. aotearoa said

    Nice talk. But many of you don’t seem to know what a big nose really looks like) you discuss some minor facial features and you ignore their psychological influence, which is far more important. Everything begins from the inside.

    take a look at me and stop moaning)

    • Amad zaatreh said

      yeas I am completly agree with you and we must make this conversation more deeper. bye

    • Mursall said

      your nose is not that big . i’ve seen way bigger.
      unfortunately, last year in school, i always used to be called big nose or pinochio, but now people don’t care anymore… sure these articles are great but people will always be superficial..if i could i would get a nose job..i completely hate my nose and it makes me feel sad whenever i look in the mirror.

  124. memyselfandi said

    aotearoa, I think your nose is nice and suits you. Why would anyone want to look like someone else? I think mainly the complex starts due to being pointed at it as ‘different’ from someone else. Well yes people often find it hard to adjust to something different from themselves. Be proud of looking unique, having a prominent face feature which adds character. Personally I have never liked or disliked someone because of their nose, have you? Viva originality!! Plus those noses from plastic surgery look hideous…

  125. JoJo said

    I hate my nose so much! I would be so stunning if I did not inherit my dads nose. I have beautiful big eyes and fine lips and long silky hair and am a nice skinny, but its like nobody can see that because of my stupid nose. I have the money for surgery but im afraid im too oung for it or its not the right thing. I am only 14 but i cannot even pose in photos like my friends and all their cute perfect noses. my nose is long from the side, huge from the front and it had a liney dent thing in the middle of it! oh and not too mention it hangs slightly!!! i just want to be accsepted and confident about myself.

  126. In doubt said

    Hmmm… I am an Asian so I think I have a flat nose… But it ain’t just flat it’s tip is round!! it’s A source of much misery. Haha.

  127. Jacelyn said

    Aaaawwww… JoJo, I’m 14 too and i too hate my nose! so much so that I’ve taken to googling ‘How to make your nose smaller’. I smile in pictures and my nose seems to spread all over my face. Next to, like you, my friends with their nice perfect noses, I look horrible in pictures. Worse, I don’t even have a nose bridge. Or a negligible one. But I think surgery would not be the solution. I would worry all day about my possible future child having a fat nose, and what if i dislike my child because of that?? And would i tell my husband/ boyfriend that I had plastic surgery??

  128. Amad zaatreh said

    thanks a lot for this website which gave us such an opportunity to share our ideas about the big “nose”. I want to send this message for people who suffer with their big noses, I still remember when i was at the university there was a girl with a big nose she passed whole her university time without no extra comments (not at all) there is no one looking at her as a dream girl despite she was great. if you are feeling such isolation I have to tell you thats god if loves someone tested him or her with tough task (dont be crazy and ask why me? and where is the justice?) looking at this “hadeth” “tell people in the judgment day I will collect all the people who suffered in their life and I will tell them sorry for my hard test to them but I did it because I want to take them into my side and to send them to the heaven” and listen to this verse form the holy Quran ” ohh my servants I dont look at your body but I am looking at your psyche”
    remember in someday we will pass byond the sun and our body will be vanished so do to that day. thanks to your time I am happy with you I love you all bye

    • aotearoa said

      I don’t think that “wrong” nose shape may be called “suffering”. Disatvantage or whatever, but not suffering. There are tons of much worse things in this life, and we can be thankful for not experiencing them.

    • Rizwana said

      I loved your reply, Amad.

      I have a big nose, and it is kinda inflated.. it looks hideous, it is spaced out on my face, and it looks really bad, especially in photographs.

      It had been my bro’s wedding, and i was looking really now, only my nose had been upsetting me so much. because it came as prominent, THE ONLY THING THAT CUD BE SEEN, according to me, because that keeps on attracting my attention… and it upset me to the extent that i had to find a source or a medium to express my sorrow, and i found this forum.

      i am a girl, i look good in other ways, and i look good most of the times. But i look soooo hideous sometimes, that what i can say, and that is because of my nose.

      I kept on reading and reading the replies, and i finally came to urs amad, and i found it soothing. Accepting whatever comes on the way is life, to me.

  129. Gwenn Goodness said

    Great! Just upgraded to a new cell and I can read your post on my phone, it wasn’t working on my old one. Keep up the good work!

  130. That’s some real crazyness!!! lol. My cousin found a site with some pretty disgusting cosmetic surgery… it’s got all sorts of pics with plastic surgery gone wrong you neeeeeeed to check it out! haha

  131. Harper said

    Thanks for the article. I hate my nose when I was younger, I think its because when your young all you want to do is fit in. My dad always told me my big nose gave me character and I would laugh at him, but now I realize that its true. I think that having a big nose makes me a better person, maybe I wouldnt be as nice to people if I looked like a model. I met a man who I hope to keep a year ago he says he loves my big nose and says its the perfect shape,which he must really be blindly in love to think, but that has helped me to accept my nose even more.

  132. Wonderful post, and wonderful site. It brings a smile to my face.

    I read through all the discussion. For a LONG time, my nose was a BIG ISSUE for me. It made me paranoid and it was a big “insecurity button”. I had SERIOUS insecurity complexes.

    What helped me finally get over it is to start accepting that it is just my body and it really doesn’t limit me. Self fulfilling prophecy: It only limits me if I think it limits me. After all, all pain is mental and thought based.

    Accepting other people helps. “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

    If you really think that external beauty is all that matters then you should go ahead and get a nose job. But understand that eventually your beauty will die and then you will never ever be happy. But maybe external beauty IS NOT what’s important to you. What IS important to you is a good feeling of acceptance from peers, or romantic relations with members of the opposite sex you find attractive. And those things can be obtained in ways OTHER than your looks. Lord knows I’m proof.

  133. happypizza said

    Thanks Zachary. Appreciate your input.

  134. […] For a long time, I was extremely insecure about my big nose. Look at this site as a GREAT example of ways you can accentuate the positive: […]

  135. at least you’re BUTT isn’t unleveled

  136. millhouse said

    haha i don’t think i’ll ever be able to come to peace like you have with your nose. Maybe it just takes time, cause im still young.
    But yeah, i have one of the most recognizable noses out there. Ive really never seen anyone with a nose like mine. If you ever watch the simpsons, and know who Millhouse is, well i have the same nose as him. Its long AND wide, which just makes it huge in every way. it looks like a giant clown nose-no exaggeration-.
    Not only that, but my eyes are close together as well making it look even worse. I look like some weird messed up evolution disaster.

    So to all of you out there, be happy for at least looking human.

  137. happypizza said

    “So to all of you out there, be happy for at least looking human.” –Nice!

  138. Snicker said

    I am about to be on the dating scene again and have always been attracted to big noses, so I was looking for guys with big noses on the internet when I ran across this site. Don’t ya’ll ever meet potential dates who just love your nose? I do know that there are a lot of us nose-lovers out there because I have seen their posts on Andy Rautins’ Facebook page. (He’s a basketball player.)

  139. Manu said

    Hi there! I’m 27, and I’ve triumphed in accepting and even loving my big, asymmetric nose (a more manageable version of Adrien Brody’s sneezer) in a similar way to HappyPizza.

    Part of it came from realizing a thing HappyPizza said: “Kids blurt things out that look funny, strange or different”. So all those cruel little kids that made you weak in your childhood years are not worthy enough for mangling yor face, because plastic surgery is only a modern, sophisticated way to brutalize yourself. You hate yourself so much to get someone paid for chopping up a part of your body? That’s the question you need to ask yourself.

    Also interesting to note, rhinoplasty was invented by Sushruta (a indian, no less!) to actually RESTORE big noses, not self-mutilation.

  140. Your article made me laugh so much! There is nothing wrong with flat noses! At least we can still breathe!! LoL

  141. Dan said

    Dude, nice. The first thing on my body to grow was my nose in 5th grade. I got offended up until 9th grade, when I finally learned to just laugh and occasionally make one up about myself. People usually say it fits my face (now that I’m a senior), and that its Eagle shaped and makes me look scholarly. Just part of being Greek. I’ve heard every joke in the book, one especially made me laugh: If Dan was on a ship and it sunk, Dan would live because the nose of the ship goes down last. Seriously people, it really isn’t a big deal, and if your only scareis tha it keeps boys or girls away from liking you, then they ain’t worth your time. It also acts a great way to start a joke and a great excuse. ‘Dan, why the hell did you just hit me?” “Sorry, I tripped over my schnoz.” And I think this guy has a point, I can smell things other people cant smell until we get a lot closer to the source. Fellas. just accept yourself and you’ll be a lot happier. We can’t be perfect, so accept the fact that your nose is your imperfection and not your health or your mentality. Hell yea for big noses, f you shallow people.

  142. احمد سعد said

    انا انفى كبيرة والناس طول النهالر يضحكوا عليا وده مش بايدى ممكن حد يجاوب على الحكاية ويحط نفسه مكانى لانى انا حزين

  143. chris said

    Hello all you folks with BIG NOSES!!! I to have a BIG NOSE! I got my BIG NOSE from my mom. However , I broke my BIG NOSE when i was younger and never got it fixed. I am so fixated on my BIG NOSE I can’t stand it anymore. I work in medical sales and because of my BIG NOSE I don’t have the confidence I should to approach other people because I always think they are looking at my BIG NOSE. Just the other day I was in an exam room with 4 other people and their child blurted out “your nose looks funny”. For days I’ve been thinking about what he said and I cannot believe how much time I have wasted thinking about it. But today I said I’m gonna look on line and see what other people with BIG NOSES are saying. And for the first time in a long time, my BIG NOSE doesn’t seem so bad. Thank you all for sharing your stories on big noses!! Maybe someday I can get over this B%&& S%^$ fixation I have about my appearance. Now maybe I can work on my confidence and find myself a girlfriend!!!!:) (:

  144. hahaha that guys, like picture before..
    My nose can be an instrument of pleasure.<—- like this post 😀

  145. Exotic gal said

    How interesting is it that ppl’s concerns about their noses seem to be increasing as the trend of noses in hollywood and the media get smaller. (bootys and lips are trending bigger and noses smaller). It’s true that it’s normal to fixate on physical aspects of ourself that we are self conscious about but I do sympathize with ppl who feel self conscious about their nose (as I do) because noses can’t be fixed or improved like obesity, acne, hair ect or covered like a big forehead, small breasts, a giggly belly:) etc.

    Also, think about how fickle society’s views on corrective procedures are (we view some as okay while we stigmatize others). I do not condone plastic surgery (especially excessive) and I DO condone loving oneself, but I ALSO think that reconstructive surgery is a godsent for ppl with deformities and I wonder why we feel that it’s ok and SO normal (if not expected) to straighten one’s crooked teeth, pull teeth, break jaws for functional (but let’s face it cosmetic too, as in under, over and cross bites) but to straighten one’s crooked nose or make it more proportional with one’s face is stigmatized. Even messed up teeth can sorta be covered but try getting a good job with really messed up teeth. See what i mean? Our societal standards around what’s okay to fix and what isn’t are TOTALLY arbitrary and somehow nose surgery always gets a bad wrap even though the nose is one of the few areas of your face that can’t even be covered (sunglasses, hats etc).

    I say this not to encourage ppl to get surgery. NOT AT ALL! In fact, some ppl look much worse after surgery and I agree that some ppl actually take their beautiful exotic look away and end up plain looking like many women with really small noses do. I only point out how socially constructed our ideas about physical improvement are. You would never expect someone to go through life with a mouth full of teeth that made them embarrassed to smile but we are somehow just expected to accept our noses in cases where they are crooked, twisted, lopsided or disproportionately big.

    Also, having a larger nose does not mean you or it are unattractive (i think some larger noses are BEAUTIFUL, just not mine unfor:) I see many women with very small noses that I would NEVER want and other women with larger noses that I’d trade for mine any day:)

    There are some really lovely looking actresses with significant beautiful noses and I hope more will start sprouting up so we can start reversing the trend towards to tiny upturned nose that few ppl naturally have. In the roman times and the renessance, a strong nose was considered the utmost sign of beauty. That said, i wish some women would stop stressing and removing the bump/dorsal hump on their noses because i personally find this to be a beautiful trait! It’s so lovely to see strikingly beautiful (vs cookie cutter beautiful) noses and many celeb even have bumps (minnie driver, kristen stewart now has a big old hump and her nose is beautiful, the lovely main actress from monsoon wedding etc).

    Other celebs with significant noses, naomi watts, laura linney, lynn collins (who is hot, check her profile out), anna paquin (who’s nose isnt big at all but wide/bulbous from the front and she looks awesome!!!!), Liam neisan, adrian brody whose nose is huge and crooked and he’s HOTTTTT:)

    My personal issue is that i injured my nose in high school but never did anything about it cause i didn’t think to look for any changes or notice any. Now that I’m 28 the lower third of my nose has become crooked and asymmetrical and I simply want back my old nose. Despite my knowledge that society would not begrudge anyone for fixing a crooked toe or tooth or jaw or eye, as someone who alligns herself with most feminist philosophy it’s hard for me to justify even a subtle improvement to one part of my nose, even if i just want it back the way it used to be and wasn’t born with the asymmetry:(

    For those considering surgery, you might try “nose secrets” first. It’s less help if length is your main concern (as it narrows and lifts the nose, thus adding a little length) but if bulbousness, width or a nasal bump are your perceived problems, it might be worth trying as it’s kind of like a tiny nose splint that can be easily removed, is invisible to others and slightly alters the shape of the nose when worn. apparently lots of ppl wear this thing for photo shoots and it works for men and women depending on the nose you have to begin with.

    Also, some hairstyles can take focus away from your nose.

    I’m trying to accept the changes I’ve seen in my nose over the past years and trying to spend less time focusing on my nose, but the crookedness is distracting to me. My nose is medium large (some might consider it large for a girl, but not rel to other of my ethnic background) and I OFTEN get compliments on my looks and ALWAYS notice ppl looking at me on the bus, out to eat etc. I used to think it was because i was beautiful, but now that I’ve become self conscious about my nose, i can’t help but think ppl are noticing that. However, even if they are noticing it, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. PPL notice my big/full lips all the time and think they are lovely. Consider that big lips used to be considered ugly until the past 25 to 30 years. I would prefer striking beauty over plain jane looks any day and encourage all of us who are self-conscious about our noses or any other part to try being proud of it and see how much better you feel. I’ve realized that i’m exhausted by the amount of energy i spend thinking about, examining and worrying about my nose. I’m really trying to get back to feeling like the confident hot mama:) i always thought i was before.

    Good luck to all and remember many larger noses really are quite lovely and many smaller ones are not (i think shape, not size more of a factor). Also, some women and men LOVE larger noses on significant others. I’ve heard more than a few men say they love women with “european looking noses” and many women love a larger nose on a man as well ( i know i do:)

  146. Exotic gal said

    sorry for all the typos:)

  147. lucko said

    visit great site! made it myself

  148. Heather said

    that list gave me a laugh… Hi i am a 16yr old and i also hate my nose, it’s so big for my face and i feel that it does not fit with the rest of my facial features which i also kinda hate…i hate it soooo bad that i sometimes cry about it and i compared my nose to the rest of my family….who i think, are very good looking. i think i was way more prettier when i was a child, nice skin,nice nose,mouth and everything…now i look nothing like my child self …just gross.i feel that i am the ugly duckling of the family…its bad i know but reading this help me a little though…for now…until i look at myself in the mirror again..

    • caite said

      I completely know how you feel, my family are all small-nosed and ‘pretty’, and I just feel like a runt. Sometimes I forget about my nose, but then someone points it out (and that happens a lot) or I look in the mirror and it hits me like a ton of bricks. But I find it helps to sit and take a long hard look in the mirror and just come to terms with the fact that its a part of you, so deal with it 🙂

  149. Gail Smith said

    Hi there,

    I’ve just set up a group on facebook, saying ‘men with big noses are sexy…. not sure why I’m attracted to them , but I really am. Lots of my girl friends agree, so don’t dispair if you have a big nose, you are sexier than you think!

    Gail Smith xx

  150. Holly said

    It’s really sad that society has made us insecure and resentful about our noses. Who said larger noses weren’t beautiful? Is it because most models don’t have them? Or is it because a majority of Americans have little noses? This should be more reason to feel unique and proud that we stand out of the crowd. I can’t tell you how many times people ask me if I am from a different country, like Greece,etc. I find it great fun because I look exotic. I also can’t tell you how many times I am told I am beautiful and my nose is a reason because of it. I have brown hair, blue eyes, and a big nose and I embrace it. As for surgery I am completely against it. My feelings are if someone won’t accept me or love me for my big nose, then I wouldn’t want them to only accept me or love me when it is smaller. You can take it or leave it, hunny. 🙂

  151. Nina said Big nose is not a problem : ))) !!!!

  152. IHaveABigNoseAndImProud said

    I wanted to say thank very much for this ! You made me feel much better about life cause I always thought I was the only girl in the state of Maryland to have a Big Nose … Now I feel better About myself and it’s so weird how many ppl say my nose is big they aways say how it looks cute on me . And when I think about it , I do get hot boys ! and also reading your comments it made me feel much better and I’m a 12 year old girl so you know kids , Always have to say dumb things About my nose it’s annoying. But now I kinda do care anymore

    Thanks guys , I HAVE A BIG NOSE AND IM PROUD ! :o)

  153. ItDoesntMatter said

    Thank you so much! I read this once in a while, and it always makes me laugh. and everytime I read it, im closer to saying; ‘Thank god for my big nose.’

  154. Lolthenose said

    Pretty much ive been popular my whole life and around 15 i realised my nose was geting a bump and geting long it really sucks. My nose is now to the point in which i get no girlfriends and im insecure like a mtherf*ker. I still look the same face on just really i have a big nose the biggest ive seen in person should i just cut my arm off and bleed out? Im just kidding but seriously after seeing rhynoplasty gone wrong im having big doubts. Can you not just get the bump removed without having the risk of your nose becoming demented i mean jesus christ, Theres no ray or light or hope or spark

    • Mark said

      The real question is your nose working? Can you breathe through it? If the answer is yes which I think it is than there is no problem to be fixed and the emotional strain and money wasted on surgery would be in vain because you just have to accept yourself nose and all.

  155. Shannon said

    This helped me a lottt! 😀 I’ve been kinda struggling with my nose since third grade when someone pointed it out to me that I had a huge nose. I hadn’t really noticed it before, and it took me by surprise. But I almost grew into it, even though it’s still really big hahaha. Since then, I get a lot of comments on how beautiful my EYES are and now how big my nose is. Not to say people still don’t point it out, because they do. And when they do, it’s really awkward. But I like that thing about the monkey and bananas or whatever. I was on the floor laughing practically. How strange. 😛 ANYWHO thanks for writing this 🙂 It’s really brilliant and it’s exactly what i needed 🙂


  156. Optimus the Ninja said

    This is such a great post.

    I love big noses. I don’t have one, but I think they are VERY attractive. I don’t know… a big nose can make a guy look even more manly.

  157. Kit-Kat said

    Love this post. I’ve got a big nose too. It’s been a struggle living with a slightly bigger than average honker. I think being a woman and having a big nose is way different than being a man with a big nose. Women are held up to higher standards of beauty. As an individual you must learn to love the things that set you apart from everyone else. Confidence is sexy no matter how big you nose is… Anyways, very cute post.

  158. Katherine said

    I have a big nose, I’m 16 and I don’t mind it. It makes it easier to find those judgemental people that you don’t need in your life. Whenever any of the other school kids say something, I always respond with the ” Oh my goodness, are you being serious…I NEVER noticed that, thank you for pointing that out. My life would have been a total embaressment if I didn’t know” remark. Gets ’em everytime :’) Or the “Sorry, let me move back” *move back several metres* and shout “Is my nose still bothering you from here?”. Of course being the girl with no make up and a big nose isn’t always fun but it’ll never get me down 🙂 Thank you for this post, so many people with a positive out look, we could start a revolution 🙂

  159. lady ga ga said

    what oops i do too

  160. lady ga ga said

    AND IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE FUN OF IT, WELL………………………………………………………………………………… JUST GO TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. adam s said


  162. adam said

    I have a huge roman nose :[

  163. Stephanie said

    Hi I have a big nose(btw I’m thirteen) and I am very seriously looking at rhinoplasty when I get older, but I was just roaming the Internet the other day and Looky what I found. Well, before I go on let me just tell you I LOVE singing I’ve made it into countless plays and have also made it into the orange county music educators association festival so I can’t be bad. I would love, when I’m older, to star in a broadway play and countless other things. So anyway just googling some side effects of rhinoplasty and I almost smashed my computer. Here’s what it said if I get rhinoplasty it could affect my singing. I don’t know what to think I don’t feel comfortable with my nose at all I don’t know what to do!!!!!

  164. mira said

    I’m 21 and currently live in south-east Asia.before I came here I never thought of my nose to be big but living here and be the center of attention as the one who has a DIFFERENT look made be a little sensitive about my nose.People here usually say that I’m very pretty and such and such, they never say it’s big but you can understand what does unique and pointed mean when they talk about your noise …I’m quite happy that I dont have that typical East-Asian flat nose but sometimes it really bothers me to the point that I’m thinking of plastic surgery…I may get rid of this feeling once I leave but your post really made me feel better..thanks

  165. Laurynn said

    So you know what’s really hard?? When you have 20 year old guys checkin out your 46 year old mother instead of you cause she’s the one with the cute small bunny nose, big white smile, tan and no wrinkles. sucks. Let me tell ya. My nose isn’t so much the Jewish nose. I would rather have that then a nose that smiles with my face! I have what nose surgeons call a “bulbous” nose which is more of a chubby large round nose. I hang around the “attractive” girls of my class but when people or even them look at me, I’m definitely the odd man out. They are both under 100 pounds big brown eyes, small perfect
    Noses, seriously guys check them out no matter where we are. But me..the whole world would
    Be blOwn up by bombs before a guy looked
    My way. Okay that’s overexaggerting a bit. Well alot.
    I would consider myself very pretty if not for my nose. I have big bright blue-green eyes, 5’2 and 110 pounds..long curly blonde hair..and Of course my big chubby nose. My mom says it’s not big of course but yet people walkin down the street stare at this thing like what the craP happened to your face mrs. Roadkill.
    I have had a lot Of attention from guys but I let my insecurities and media control my self image and confidence. My mom won’t let me get rhinoplasy so I thought maybe if I somehow broke my nose I would have an excuse..but reading these comments and hearing what you had to say helped a lot!! We should be friends, yes? 🙂 thank you all of you for your cOmments and stories. You are all example for others struggling out there too 🙂

  166. Alex said

    I have a pretty big nose and I got it from my dad…he has a really prominent Jewish-looking nose with a bump in the middle…Sometimes I wish I was a guy because it seems less of a big deal, even hot, when a guy has a bigger nose, but for a girl it’s considered more of a flaw than anything…I kind of got used to it now, since I’m stuck with it and people sometimes call me pretty but I know I’d look much better with a smaller nose, which kind of gets to me sometimes…I especially hate how it gets curvy when I smile and it looks even bigger, so I usually avoid smiling…Your post did make me feel a bit better about it though..

  167. I`m Looking forward to have rhinoplasty but after reading this I just change my mine I keep my flared nose in normal forever and by the way i`m Asian to haha

  168. anteatergal said


    mine is pointy like this :v) but i love it!


    we are so lucky to HAVE noses, in all seriousness.


  169. […] Thank God for my big nose. В« Be Happy!…Be Encouraged! Jun 1, 2007… long nose. one day in class the teacher drew a picture of a girl on the board with a big nose, … […]

  170. Erin said

    I’m 17, petite frame with Auburn hair and pale skin and I (and the odd person tells me this too) think I’m actually quite pretty, but here’s the catch; my nose isn’t actually that big, but it’s very hooked. IT has this big, noticable bone which makes it incredibly hooked and I constantly battle with myself over this fact.

    Some days I’m really negative and imagine how much more simple life would be if it was just flat and how i wouldn’t be as plagued with self-doubt. Thing is, if it wasn’t my nose, wouldn’t i want to change something else about myself? And if i had surgery i’d a) not look like ME anymore and b) not know where to draw the line. I mean, i have small breasts too, shall i just get a boob job, buy some fake tan and die my hair, just so i can fit into society more easily? No.

    So instead, when i feel down about it, i listen to upbeat, happy songs such as “Who says” by Selena Gomez, “Born this way” by Lady GaGa and remind myself that there’s nothing wrong with the way i look because beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder.

    And so to any other girls (or boys) with Severus Snape style noses; it doesn’t stop you being beautiful. If anyone says anything about your nose, laugh it off (in less it’s like harcore bullying and then you should probably report it or something :S) and don’t accept critism about the way you look. No one’s perfect, right? ;D


  171. Hailey said

    i do have a pretty big nose, but I definitely do not have a good sense of smell!! It does make me kinda sad though because it does not look good on me….. first thing about my face that i would change would be my nose…. although i dont think i ever will get a “nose job” because God wanted me to have a big nose, so I do… lol
    (ps im 13 so you can see why I get frustrated about it.)
    for all those with big noses, God bless you and you are not alone if it troubles you….. big noses do look good on people though, just not me

  172. haha, I love your positive outlook list on having a big nose. I am thankful for my large nose with a hump…it has weeded out complete idiots from the dating pool and helped me find my sweet husband. Also, it comes in handy with genealogy-yup, he has my nose-he fits in somewhere in the tree 🙂 Thanks for your happy outlook.

  173. Kitten said

    I have a rather prominent nose that I have felt insecure about in the past. Recently, I have been working as an erotic dancer and most compliments I recieve are actually about my ‘pretty’ nose!! I guess it makes me unique..?

    Everyone should love and accept every part of themselves!

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  175. Roopa said

    Thanks so much! I am in 8th grade and I am really self-concious about my nose. Your article made me feel better about my “mushroom nose”!

  176. pooja said

    i too hv big nose vid rounded tip…. 😦 it makes me underconfident too many times..frnds call me fat nossy nd its hard fr me to get attention of good guys..m fed up vid all ths…m planning to get some cosmetic surgery done fr it…shud i???

  177. Mark said

    You have to realize that no matter what surgery you get for nose,lip ect it will never fill the void of feeling unsatisfied with something about yourself, you will always find something else to dislike it is human nature or modern human nature. American culture has ingrained into many people that the way we are born is not beautiful but we are in luck because there are surgeons out there who are doing the work of god changing his handi work for a small fee. This attitude is complete garbage and will not make you more beautiful to yourself because that is truly the only person who cares what you look like in the mirror. There will always be people who say “oh I like smaller noses big noses are gross and ugly” this will never change and these people clearly have their own problems. To be happy with one self one must be positive dont waste your time thinking about something you may deem as unattractive about yourself it gets you no where think of all the things you want to do in your life and how to get there not how some silly feature will stop you. Something to keep in mind is that your nose, height ect are not the problem the problem is in your psych mentally you are unhappy thefore nothing physical will help so cheer up and know that you are not alone and please do not strive for perfection because inperfection is the true perfection. Also side note dont compare your nose or feature to anyone elses and think it could be worse that’s not a healthy way of dealing with something. “Im just another non perfect guy with a big nose among others living happily”

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  181. Charley said

    I’ve always had a problem with my big nose, and it is well above average! but i always thought, god gave me this nose for a reason, and i inherited it from my great uncle who passed away and it will always be a reminder of him, but the unfortunate thing is, as an aspiring actress having a big nose doesn’t get you anywhere! So its not always a blessing.

  182. Noe said

    I have a big nose . I don’t like it at all because its like all in your face . Easily noticeable . I dislike it a lot but I guess I have to move on with the fact that God created me like that . At first I’m like why God did you create like this ? But I’m thankful for this big nose . Nobodys perfect in this world . Everybody has flaws .

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  185. jordan said

    im a 17 year old male from australia and i often get shit about my nose like, toucan, bird and big nose. it seems like its the first thing people notice on me even though i have really blue eyes…. im not being cocky but i do get more attention from more females than my mates do and they ask me how do i get girls and everything, yet all the blokes tease me about my nose.

    anyways heres a picture of me to show you all tell me what you think

  186. Hafsa-Ain Shahid said

    I just love your humor, hahah. And I guess I’ve dealt with this the same way. I started hating my nose when everyone pointed it out especially when I was going through puberty. I was always skinny so imagine a long, hooked nose on a small and awkward young girl. Ugh…… But I feel like it’s a part of me now because of where I’m from. (I’m Muslim, by the way.) I’d like to believe that if I didn’t have it, I’d be so different. Okay, maybe not so dramatically. Now, at sixteen, I’m indifferent about my nose. I think I even like it a little bit. It definitely makes me different from everyone else. I’ve been told that I have nice eyes, so I like to have that as my main attraction and so my nose doesn’t look so bad, I guess. A big nose isn’t for everyone. I mean, you have to know how to work it haha! It’d look so bad on some people I know. I think a big nose is hard to pull off. Anyway, I absolutely love what you’ve written here. 😀 And I’ve said similar things to little kids! Works every time! They just give me a weird look at first and then see my smiling face and laugh with me.

    • Rizwana said

      this post is great!!

      but you know in my country, long hooked noses are taken as a sign of beauty.. 😀

      my nose is kinda blunt, not long, and spaced out, inflated. it looks hideous, from the front.

      recenty for a makeover accident, my nose came out as the prominent feature on my face. it had been my bro’s wedding, i was looking pretty, except my nose!!.. it was soooooo visible and prominent in every photograph… i was embarassed. I cud have looked better u know, but the makeover did not suit me at all…

      what to do… i am accepting it… and not paying attention at the disgusted looks, or the probable comments that people had passed onto me… the people… it is for them actually that this discussion started on the first place… cant the others think this way.. “O she has a big nose ok, but she cant help it right? God had made her this way… so lets not embarrass her or look at her in a negative way”… but no, it is for the looks that a few people have given me that day… that really upset me.

      lets have trust on God, lets be more friendly and loving towards eachother, lets bring out the BEST in ourselves so that our WORST gets hidden, and lets not alllow opinions affect our lives, because opinions are not facts.

      God made everything BEAUTIFUL.

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  199. Rose said

    My nose is big. I will be flat out honest. I always hated the way I looked and blamed the reason why I wasn’t popular at school on it . Truly , there are so many people that say they have big noses, but they really aren’t big at all . Nothing compares to mine . But guess what ? I accept it . It’s me . Truly me . So what if people stare ? Why does it matter ? Is beauty counted on how you look on the outside ? No, not at all! Beauty is what you got inside of you.

  200. Will said

    This is fucking retarted. I see ur trying to do good but all your “pros” are just jokes kids teased me about. Nd ur comeback would get u shitted on even harder nd maybe ur lunch money taken

  201. bignosedgirl4639291 said

    I’m a teenage girl and I have a huge problem with my nose…i mean , my friends always say to me it isn’t that bad but I really don’t feel comfortible with my nose and its such a problem to me. I still wish that when I reach 18 i wil go to a plastic surgery and I’m still save money for it…i feel like i can’t enjoy my life with it I know it’s stupid…but your article really made me happier!! 🙂

  202. Girl said

    I have a big nose too and I am so sad about it but every time is see someone with no hands , legs or blind , deaf or having a cancer , aids …
    I thank god and say ” I am really silly and stupid ” then I look to people noses and say ” why my nose is big ??? I am just 14 ? I am not pretty ” and stuff like that … What annoys me that people start noticing that now because I didn’t have that big nose when I was young … It started when I came adult and also I started to be very tall …
    I really get mad when people mucks me specially near people inside family 😦 …. But my dad have a huge nose and he is happy and he never talks about something like that …
    But you made me laugh , thank U

  203. Jackie said

    I’m in 6th grade and i kinda have a big nose and i hate it!
    Some people don’t say anything but some boys make fun of me i don’t care
    Because thats how god made me and i can’t change it
    But sometimes i get really sad cause everyone makes elephant noises and stuff
    Who cares if people have diffrent sized body parts it’s hurtful
    They don’t know that because there to busy about someones nose or ears or ect
    Get a life people God put us on this earth for a reoson not to worry about are noses
    I wander what the people who made fun of me will look like in 10 years
    so don’t be worried you all are special in your own special way! 🙂

  204. Cracks said


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  207. caitlin said

    Love this!!! I’m a 14 year old girl and my honker is MASSIVE! I’ve heard all the jokes and all the snide remarks, but why waste your time hating something when its a part of who you are. I’ve had to learn to stick up for myself because of having a big nose, and I’m thankful for that 🙂 honestley, I think big noses rule, I just find it strange how people with small noses seem to have no bone. My whole family have big noses, but I’ve learnt to accept mine 🙂 loving the list, really made me smile!!!

  208. Someone said

    I also have a big nose. I’m a 17 year old girl and I always feel insecure about it when I meet other people. I feel like everyone is judging me by my looks and that everyone hates me, even though I know better. I’ve been told that I have a syrian nose three times by different people, and each time it really hurt. I really wish that I could love myself for who I am, but I just feel so judged and sad. I might want to have a surgery, but I feel like I wouldn’t be myself then. Like, if I met someone then, I would just think that it wouldn’t have been that way if I looked differently. I hope that I will somehow learn to love my looks, because this is how I was created. And who the f*ck decides what a big or small nose is? It’s just a nose.

  209. […] […]

  210. Jacynelly said

    Pls i need encouragement

  211. Can't Stop Laughing said

    As I read down your list, my smile grew more and more until I read “It serves as a warning sensor when my face is too close to something” – then I burst into laughter.

    You have such an amazing, positive take on things – it’s contagious! Thanks for making me feel better about my large schnozz.

  212. Jan Sport said

    Only the people that are real stinkers hate big noses!

  213. Anastasia said

    I have a big nose and just recently I’ve been looking into getting a rhinoplastic surgery. As I googled “I have a big nose” this page came up. Thanks for the list of the reasons as it was enjoyable to read haha! I’d say we took a little more time to bake in the oven for our nose come out like this 🙂

  214. Wilma c said

    What a refreshing man you must be to write such bright as well as smilingly insightful comments on what gave been hurtful bullying that I was forced to endure at a young teenage girl…..and mostly from my older and only brother……I forgive him. But it made me gave so very little self esteem dnt most of my youth so please… Adults …teach your young ones to.see the whole person and to delight in our differences. Godbless those whose greatest feature is their humour.

  215. Soowhatsuoppp said

    My nose has just recently started growing and I’ve had a few comments about it, really gets me down. I’m in my final year of secondary school. Its not huge but I still hate

  216. big nose lydia said

    Ive always hated my nose since i was a kid.
    My mom made a dumb comment that made me self conscious.dont worry honey your face will grow into your nose..
    Needless to say it hasnt..but guess what i freaking love my huge
    And so does my bf..who btw has a scnozzola on him too…..
    Big nose girls are georgeous

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  218. nameless said

    Hello fellow Big noses!
    I have a big fat nose and I was really insecure when I was around 17-18..once I started to notice it grow like MAD! but later I kind of got used to it. NOW I m proud of it! noone in my family has my nose haha! Its one of a kind..also when used right way man it can be so attractive to girls! I can just see it..too bad I m moody person but working on it 😉 So big noses! Show your true character with your nose held HIGH!

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  221. uokop said

    Great post…I have a big nose too, so this made my day!
    It just adds character to our great personalities 🙂

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    Thank God for my big nose.

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