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The Light of Your Love

Posted by happypizza on May 25, 2007

LIGHT OF YOUR LOVE–Here is a beautiful song that was written, as if the person singing is Mary Magdalene speaking to Jesus. This is not along the lines of the “Da Vinci Code” but rather a very good representation of the pure love of Jesus. I really like this song and enjoy listening to it. I feel that it transports me to a “higher plane”.

It’s a great song to listen to if you are going through a low ebb in your life. I think it has tremendous spiritual power, energy, feeling and emotion–a real masterpiece. You can click on this link below to hear the song:

Light of Your Love.mp3–Net Radio


Light of Your Love:

I saw how You stooped to lift a child,
Watched how You gently, kindly smiled.
That’s when I knew how much I wanted
To be part of You.
I saw how You mended broken lives
Felt how You cared and sympathized
Saw how their heartaches made You cry,
And I loved the heart of You.

And all of my hopes, my dreams, my fears,
Seem to dissolve within Your tears,
And I longed to hold You near & tell You I loved You.
And all of life’s cruel and stinging trials
Vanished before Your gentle smile.
That’s when I knew my heart’s de-sire
Was to spend my life walking in the light of Your love.

And when You held my upturned face,
Tenderly dried my tears away,
All of my past Your love erased,
And I was born anew.
Then I saw what it cost You to be free.
I wept as I watched You die for me.
That’s when I knew that I would be
Forever in love with You.

And all of my hopes, my dreams, my fears,
Seem to dissolve within Your tears,
And I longed to hold You near & tell You I loved You.
And all of life’s cruel and stinging trials
Vanished before Your gentle smile.
That’s when I knew my heart’s desire
Was to spend my life walking in the light of Your love.

And when You rose again and came to me,
I knew Your love was for all eternity,
And You would come one day and take me
To be with You.

And in that Land of no more tears,
And in that Time beyond all years,
You would embrace me, hold me near,
And tell me You loved me.
Where all of life’s cruel and stinging trials
Vanish beneath Your radiant smile,
And You fulfill my heart’s de -sire,
And I’ll be There forever
Living in the light of Your love.

Living in the light of your love,
The Land beyond all time
Living in your love, forever I’ll be there.

-Music and lyrics by Michael Dooley

Light of your love

24 Responses to “The Light of Your Love”

  1. BlueClues said


  2. Rosilaine said

    I´d really love to have a copy of this song….Please, send me… Thank you so much!!
    God Bless you….

  3. Rosilaine said

    I´d like to know who is the singer… I´ve already head this song but I still dont know who is the singer.. could you tell me please.??

  4. happypizza said

    Hi Rosilaine so glad you like this song. I’ll try to send a copy of the song to the email you included with your post. As for the singer I have no idea what her real name is but she went by the nickname “Joy” or “Joyful”. I used to know her when she was living in South East Asia. She is a wonderful person and dedicated years of her life to serving others around the world. Take care.

  5. Patty said

    Great, beautiful!!!
    May i have the song and the music only (if you have also the music)?
    Thanks and God bless you!!!

  6. Chanchal said

    This is an experience that oscillates miraculously between the spiritual and the real. I would have missed out on something important in life if I had not come across this song. It is soft, soothing and sustaining. A Classic!

  7. Mike said

    This song is sung by Joy Frances Hanna. I wrote the song and produced it in collaboration with Jon D’souza who also did the guitar work.
    Joy was a volunteer in South East Asia and also the middle east and now resides in California where she works with handicapped kids.
    I do music production and composing and mostly full time volunteer work. Joy recorded about 15 songs with me when we were doing volunteer work in the same location.
    Hope that’s a help.
    Glad you enjoyed the song, there’s also a version on YouTube with complied clips taken from the Jesus 2000 movie.
    Best wishes

    • Kay said

      I want to credit you in a book I’ve written about “YesHuaH & Miriam” (Jesus & Mary Magdalene)- release June 2010 – from the Hebrew perspective – Hebrew language, culture, also quotes from the Bible.

      I will be mentioning the Jesus (2000) movie and adding a link to the *beautiful* Youtube “The Light of Your Love” song with movie clips.

      You ~ deserve ~ credit for writing such an important song. What is your website address? – Contact information? Email Address?

      “Thank You!”

      Kay Star * Monterey, California

      PS Where is Joy now in California? – I would also like to contact her, and let her know I will also be crediting her in my book.

    • Sr. Flor said

      Hello Mike! you’re great! you’ve wrote a wonderful song. you know when i heared it for the first time I like it verry much, that i desire to listen to it everytime that i felt down in life, remembering that His love has no limit, no prefernce and forgiving.I really thank the Lord for your nice work for the Lod’s glory, continue in doing it for the world needs people like you! let’s join our hands praying and helping this world to return to the Father’s love.

  8. Minne said

    It’s really a beautiful song! May this song will bless others.
    Thank you…

  9. Karen said

    hi! i’ve heard this song already and i like it very much…i’ve searched for its video also and i saw it already but i can’t have it or download it…can i have a copy of video about this song? i plan to present it to our report as a opening…and share it also to my classmates and friends…can i have,,plz????

  10. happypizza said

    Wow, nice of you to drop by! It’s an honor having you comment here. Thanks for producing this wonderful song that I believe has inspired and enriched the lives of many! GBY!

    I don’t personally know were the video is available for downloading but you could check this blog “” and see if if it’s uploaded there. You might even be able to contact the author of that site and see if he can send you a link. Hope that helps.

  11. hello…..this is an absolutely beautiful and touching song……i am involved in a womens’ ministry called “gussy up your spirit”…i would love to be able to use this song during our “luminescence” event…..can you help me find a site where i can download this song or purchase “light of your love”…i appreciate any help that you can give me…..

  12. happypizza said

    Hi Pat, it really is a great song! Luckily for you, it’s free to download–many thanks Mike!. You can download a legal copy of this song at the free music site:


    Listed under ‘Easy Listening’ > ‘Mary Magdalene’s Song’ or at this link below:



  13. Flavia Pereira said

    just happened to stumble on ur blog while i was looking for the lyrics of this song…was thoroughly moved when i was first shown this video…watched teh movie “jesus 2000” loved it completely…so glad i came across this piece of pure delight…

  14. Christopher Cruz said

    This is a really really touching song. My wife (Maria) and myself enjoyed listening to the song. I hope that God inspires more people to write & release more of such lovely and touching songs.

    God Bless you & you work.

    Chris & Maria

  15. Dana said

    I have to thank you, for giving me the possibility to find this song, which is really beautiful, and I agree with you about the feelings this song gives.
    Thank you very much, and may God take care of you and bless you everytime ^_^

  16. Hi there, since updating the website, the address to the song “Light of Your love” has changed, here it is:

    Also, you can find the video of that song and many more at:

    God bless you!

    Dan (for

  17. Minda Moncog said

    Praise God for people like you!
    It’s a beautiful song that touches one’s heart. The video was sent to me by Tommy’s World. I couldn’t download it. I searched for its lyrics… It’s not only the lyrics that I found, but also the site where I can find the video. Glory to God!
    May you flourish in God’s service for your labor in the LORD is not in vain.

  18. nadia said

    è meraviglisa,fa venire i brividi..ho provato a cercarla ma nn si trova ,ringrazio già chiunque me la possa spedire!!! ciao a tutti

  19. Billy Wrighter said

    Its such a beautiful song, and I’m so blessed that I came across this song through Tommyswindow search… The other 15 songs, are they also available.
    But continue your wonderful work for God’s services

  20. Soooooo beautiful…

    Mary Magdalene might be the patron saint of this Light-Life-Love.

    It is interesting to note that the relationships that bind the Most Holy Trinity are reflected in good creation (vestigia trinitatis) in the incredible mystery of optical light: three additive colors, full power red-green-blue become pure white light. Even the compenetration of the rings is more than symbolic, it actually produces white.

    The Eucharist,the fifth quintessential Mystery of Light is also the quintessential Mystery of Life and the quintessential Mystery of Love.

    One look at the battle (on the internet) over the meaning of these three key words shows the assault that we are up against: (Google Light-Life-Love)

    Light … False Lights tending to darkness
    Life … Lifestyle tending to a “culture of death”
    Love … Lust tending to self-hatred and broken relationships and hearts.

    When these three words are brought together, full power in true Eucharistic understanding, they manifest the the Wisdom of Solomon as written in Ecclesiastes 4:12, i.e., the strength of the triple cord. One in three and three in one are “not easily broken.”

    Pure white light is very approachable on this side of eternity. By abiding in the Eucharist we are abiding in Light-Life-Love.

    I say again, Mary Magdalene might be the patron saint of this Light-Life-Love.

    This might explain why Jesus said “don’t cling to me” after the resurrection.

  21. Sr. Flor said

    It’s a very nice song, it help you to reflect more the love of Jesus for all of us no matter who we are and what we’ve done

  22. ηλιακά φωτιστικά…

    […]The Light of Your Love « Be Happy!…Be Encouraged![…]…

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